VisualSP Enterprise - Microsoft 365向けのインコンテキスト学習ソリューション

4月 21, 2021 - 15:14

VisualSP provides help and guidance in-context to help end users when they need it within their work environment. Whatever app an employee is using, they are able to quickly access on-page training and guidance that shows how they can use the tool most effectively to do their job.

Whether it is tips for writing a formula in Microsoft Excel Online or guidance for your company’s vacation booking tool, VisualSP provides help in the flow of work and at the moment of need.

Benefits of VisualSP include:

  • Boost productivity – Save Employees hours of time searching for answers or getting stuck in their processes by providing help in the flow of work.
  • Fewer Support tickets – Reduce Tier 1 support tickets and achieve user adoption of your web applications.
  • Increase tech ROI – Increase productivity and ROI from your enterprise software investment.
  • Reduce the Burden of Maintenance - Leave the training updates to us. All content is current and relevant with weekly updates.
  • Faster Onboarding - Speed your onboarding processes and allow users to quickly learn tasks using Just-In-Time help and learning.
  • Happy Employees - Empower end users to be more efficient when working remotely.

In-Context Learning within the Web Browser
Whenever your employees need help in Microsoft 365, they simply click on the VisualSP tab, view the help item, and continue with the task at hand. This means they avoid:

  • Figuring out where to look.
  • What to call the thing they’re working on and how to spell it.
  • Which version the help article matches.

Interactive Walkthroughs
A walkthrough is a microlearning guide that appears as an overlay. Give your users their very own on-demand personal coach who will guide them through important learning points. You get:

  • Pre-built walkthroughs supplied and maintained by VisualSP.
  • Completely customizable so you can edit existing walkthroughs.
  • Build your own step-by-step walkthroughs.

Pop-Up Videos
Videos are an ideal learning tool for users who like to learn by watching. The video window can be popped out easily so users can watch while they perform their tasks. You get:

  • Countless training videos already hooked up within the system.
  • Custom videos such as a message from your CXO.
  • Videos can be hosted by you internally or externally anywhere on the web.

Inline Help
Provide on-demand information and help for elements on your pages by placing inline help icons quickly and easily wherever you want. Help to:

  • Make the discovery process intuitive by providing visual clues for any page element.
  • Un-frustrate your users with interaction points that make it easier to access help.
  • Deliver support at the moment of need.

Alerts and Notifications
Your users may ignore company email messages, absentmindedly deleting important announcements. VisualSP enables you to automatically load messages on top of their application as a pop-up that is tracked when clicked. This helps:

  • Increase the efficiency of your messaging for important, company-wide notifications.
  • Human Resources, Communications, and Legal departments can leverage pop-up messaging to make sure important information is seen.
VisualSP Enterprise

VisualSP Enterprise



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