VisualSP Enterprise - 2021年5月期リリース

カレンダー、電子メール、Microsoft Teams、およびMicrosoft Wordの更新プログラムを含む
6月 01, 2021 - 12:25


  • Calendar
    • Copy and paste meeting invites.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • The Timeline.
    • Opportunity stages.
    • Manage an opportunity.
    • Manage contacts.
    • Manage accounts.
    • Load views.
    • Lead to opportunity process flow.
    • How to resolve a case.
    • How to create an opportunity.
    • How to create a lead.
    • How to create a case.
    • How to assign, reassign and cancel a case.
    • Drill down in a chart.
    • Close an opportunity.
    • Add products to an opportunity.
    • Add activities to the timeline.
    • Create a dashboard with charts.
    • Components of a chart.
  • E-mail
    • Encrypt email messages.
    • Microsoft Outlook not syncing, sending, or receiving email.
  • Microsoft Excel
    • Make a business account ledger.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
    • Translate text into a different language.
    • Delete a column in a list or library.
    • Assign unique permissions in SharePoint.
    • Break permission inheritance in SharePoint.
    • View the Permissions page for a survey.
  • Microsoft Stream
    • Change the playback speed of a video in Stream.
  • Microsoft Teams
    • Assign a new owner to an orphaned group.
    • Restore a deleted Team in Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Word
    • Copy a table and past it in a new location.
  • Yammer
    • View Yammer community members.
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