Actipro Charts for UWP について


Actipro Charts for UWP is a set of charts that provide rich visualization for quantitative data. It's designed to make even the most complex data easily readable. Many chart types are supported, from basic line and bar charts to stacked area charts. The chart control includes numerous useful features such as multiple series, labels, legends, stacking, and customizable palettes. Easily convey data, from single or multiple sources, in a single chart to save space and engage users.

Actipro Charts for UWP Features

Chart Types

  • Line charts, with various line and marker options
  • Scatter charts that support multiple marker kinds
  • Area charts, with stacked and 100% stacked variants
  • Bar charts, with stacked and 100% stacked variants

Data Sources

  • Combine multiple series into a single chart
  • Toggle the visibility of a series to focus on specific data points
  • Bind a series to any IEnumerable
  • Simple numeric value collections and complex data object collections are supported
  • Multiple data aggregation features improve rendering
  • Easily group data into slots, such as monthly or quarterly

Appearance Features

  • Legends help contextualize series and data
  • Data point labels make it easy to determine the value of a given point
  • Set chart baseline value and optionally make it visible
  • Display and customize minor and major axis ticks, labels, and titles
  • Customizable min/max values for each axis to create fixed scales
  • Display grid lines and stripes for easy reference
  • Vertical and horizontal ranges that can highlight data ranges
  • Over 10 built-in palettes and an enormous number of style customization options