Actipro Docking & MDI for UWP(英語版)

Actipro Docking & MDI for UWP allows end users drag and dock windows wherever they please, and persist their layout customizations. It contains docking window and MDI capabilities found in popular IDEs, and extended functionality. It is designed to fully support data-binding and be used in MVVM applications.

Actipro Docking & MDI for UWP Features

  • Visual Studio-Like UI - The appearance and run-time behavior of window dragging, tabs, auto-hide popups, context menus, resize splitters, dock guides, etc. is all inspired by the popular Visual Studio user interface.
  • Docking Windows - Windows can be docked, attached (to create a tab group), floated, auto-hidden, or moved to an optional MDI area. Complex resizable hierarchies of tool and document windows can be created.
  • Tabbed MDI - In tabbed MDI each...


Actipro Docking & MDI for UWP 2020.1
Actipro Docking & MDI for UWP 2020.1
Actipro Docking & MDI for UWP 2019.1(ビルド0341)
Actipro Docking & MDI for UWP 2019.1(ビルド0341)
Visual StudioデザイナーをUWP拡張モデルに対応するように更新

価格:¥ 35,200 (税抜)〜

Actipro products are licensed by developer。 A developer license is required for each individual developer working on a project that uses an Actipro product、 whether they directly work with the product...


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