Actipro Icons Metro Elements (英語版)

Actipro Icons Metro Elements is a set of over 1,700 overlay icons, all in the Metro (Office 2013) style, that can be combined with any other custom or third-party icon to give new meaning to the icon. The overlays can be simple adornments or can represent various states/actions.

Pixel-Perfect Quality at Small Sizes

Most icon sets are designed for 256x256 size and then are just scaled down to smaller sizes. As any graphics designer will tell you, once you scale down an image like this, the result is a very poor quality image that is full of anti-aliasing and a has a general lack of clarity.

Actipro Icons Metro Elements are different. Every single one of the icons has been "cleaned up" following scaling, and a good amount of extra work has been done in some cases to get...

価格:¥ 19,300 (税抜)〜

Any developers who work on the user interface portion of a project that uses Actipro Icons Metro Elements require a license。 Developers who do not work on the user interfaces do NOT require licenses...


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