Actipro Views for UWP について


Actipro Views for UWP includes a TaskBoard control that makes it easy to add interactive task scheduling and prioritization to your apps. The data model is completely MVVM friendly and makes heavy use of customizable item styles and templates. A task board consists of zero to many columns, each of which can contain zero to many cards. Columns and cards can be dragged around and reordered, all using pleasing sway animations.

Actipro Views for UWP Features

  • Task Planning - The control can be used to create a task planning UI where tasks can be grouped and prioritized.
  • Employee Scheduling - Task boards can also be used to prioritize a queue of work items for a resource.
  • Events - Events are raised that allow for notifications of drags/drops and even taps on cards. The drag and drop features can be disabled as a whole or dynamically on a per-instance basis.
  • Designed for use in MVVM environments, with easy data binding.
  • Numerous properties for altering the styles/templates of columns and cards.
  • Display board footer content after the last column.
  • Display header/footer content surrounding the cards in a column.
  • Optional column and card dragging with pleasing sway animations.
  • Cancelable events when the dragging of a column/card starts and dropping completes.
  • Card tap notification events.
  • Touch-friendly interactions.
  • Hit test for columns and cards.