Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net について

Internet Explorer 6(32ビット)およびInternet Explorer 7~11(32ビットと64ビット)のスレッドセーフ、安全で独立した配布可能な状況依存型アドオンをクリック数回で作成

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net completelyは Internet Explorer 拡張APIをサポートし、すべての IE 拡張機能を1つのソリューションで強いアーキテクチャとして融合します、そして明瞭なインタラクションモデルがInternet Explorer オブジェクトと融合します。デザイナーを IE menu 、ツールバーあるいはサイドバーをカスタマイズして、そのオブジェクトのイベントにアクセスして、キーボード・ショートカットを処理するために使います。Add-in ExpressはC# で書かれ、直接 VB.NET 、 C# と C++ .NET をサポートします。

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer Main features

Add-in Express is entirely based on the Rapid Application Development approach and empowers you to develop professional extensions for Internet Explorer in no time. Using Add-in Express visual designers, you can:

  • Develop Internet Explorer browser helper objects, bars and toolbars in one integrated project or in separate ones.
  • Customize vertical or horizontal Explorer bars with any .NET controls.
  • Create custom IE toolbars using .NET controls and user control components.
  • Extend any Internet Explorer context / pop-up menus with your own items.
  • Add new items to the built-in menu bar.
  • Add new buttons to the built-in toolbar.
  • Add custom keyboard shortcuts.
  • Deploy and update your IE add-ons using msi-based web-enabled setup projects.
  • Make your IE add-ons thread-safe, interproccess-communicative, isolated and secure.

Add-in Express for Internet Explorer and Microsoft .net Key benefits

  • Internet Explorer extensibility. Add-in Express programming model and run-time code based on the Internet Explorer SDK provide the most effective way to extend the IE GUI, access Internet Explorer objects and handle their events.
  • Component-centric model for programming IE add-ons. You use visual designers and components to customize the Internet Explorer menu, toolbar or side-bars, to access Internet Explorer objects and their events.
  • Lucid, easy-to understand architecture. Add-in Express integrates all Internet Explorer extensibility features in one solution, so that you needn't follow a complicated IE SDK way with separate ActiveX-es, script files and registry keys.
  • 32- and 64-bit add-ons in one project. Add-in Express delivers its own 32-bit and 64-bit add-on loaders, automatically includes them in add-on setup projects and registers the loaders for both Internet Explorer versions, 32- and 64-bit. The loaders run your add-ons and isolate them in their own app domains. All this makes your add-ons x86 and x64-compatible, secure and isolated.
  • Version-neutrality - Add-in Express includes a version-neutral Internet Explorer interop assemblies. With these assemblies you make your add-ons compatible with the most popular IE, from IE 6 through IE 11. One code, one project, one solution, one deployment package for all IE versions.
  • Deployment made easy. Each of your Add-in Express solutions is msi-based and web-enabled. Just build your IE extension and its setup project and publish the resulting msi to your deployment server.
  • Add-in Express is based entirely on the true RAD paradigm and enables you to reduce the time you spend on COM interfaces, IE-related registry entries and IE add-on deployment. You write applied code only, Add-in Express implements everything else.