AH CSS Formatter Standard V6.6 MR4

March 14, 2019

Updates in V6.6 MR4

  • CSS – The following issues have been corrected:
    • multi-column block with negative margin and footnote caused a premature page break. #19464
    • Absolutely positioned inline disappeared. #19594
    • font-face led to incorrect ‘outline' position. #19494
    • The option with relative file that referenced relative font-face fonts didn't resolve correctly in Linux. #19390
  • Other:
    • The PDF/X option corrupted PDF. #19271
    • The linearized option led to corrupt pdf if the document used an id with the text ‘endobj'. #19297
    • Embedded pdf with missing LastModified key created a corrupt pdf. #19668
    • SVG incorrect rendering with text-anchor middle and end. #19554
    • CGM FONT PROPERTIES stretched text. #19433
    • MathML rendering crashed. #19405
    • Ungraceful exit with invalid barcode when using java interface. #19582
    • Area tree changed the left aligned image to centered. #19566