Barcode Xpress ActiveX について


プロ向け、自動化ソフトウェアアプリケーション向けにデザインされています。 Barcode Xpressはページのどこにでもバーコードを置いたり、デコード、コンテンツやレポートに認識した信頼性のある値を化安ことができます。 Barcode Xpressはインデックス化やアーカイブ作成などに理想的な高速のバーコード読み取り、書込みを提供します。

Barcode Xpress lets you read and write 1D and 2D barcodes with tools for .NET, ActiveX, Java, and Java ME.

Easy Development; Higher ROI
With the Barcode Xpress toolkit, you can add top-quality, high-speed barcode recognition to your applications with just a few lines of code. The total cost of your barcode solution plummets.

Continuous Innovation
Accusoft Pegasus are constantly improving recognition accuracy and adding new barcode types. As you upgrade, your applications gain the advantages of the latest barcode technology with a minimum of effort.

Part of a Complete Solution
Related tools such as ScanFix Xpress, FormFix, PDF Xpress, and SmartZone integrate seamlessly, and deliver some of the most valuable components of many document processing solutions.

Barcode Xpress Barcode support

2D Barcodes

  .NET and ActiveX    
Supported Formats Std Pro Java Java ME
Aztec   R    
DataMatrix   R/W R R
Micro QR Code     R R
PDF417   R/W R R
QR Code   R R R

1D Barcodes

  .NET and ActiveX    
Supported Formats Std Pro Java Java ME
Add-2 and Add-5 R R R  
Airline 2 of 5 R R    
BCD Matrix R R    
Codabar R/W R/W R  
Code 11     R  
Code 128 (A,B,C) R/W R/W R R
Code 2 of 5 R R    
Code 32 R R R  
Code 39 R/W R/W R  
Code 39 Extended R/W R/W    
Code 93 R/W R/W R  
Code 93 Extended R/W R/W    
DataLogic 2 of 5 R R    
EAN 128 (GS1, UCC) R/W R/W    
EAN-13 R/W R/W R R
EAN-8 R/W R/W R  
GS-1 Databar (RSS, RSS-14)     R R
Industrial 2 of 5 R/W R/W    
Interleaved 2 of 5 R/W R/W R  
Invert 2 of 5 R R    
ITF-14 / SCC-14 R R R  
Matrix 2 of 5 R R    
Patch Codes R/W R/W R  
Telepen     R  
UCC 128 R R    

Postal Barcodes

  .NET and ActiveX    
Supported Formats Std Pro Java Java ME
Australia Post 4-State Code R R R  
Intelligent Mail (OneCode) R R R  
Royal Mail (RM4SCC) R R R  
Planet     R  
PostNet R R R  

Barcode Xpress Features:

  • 64-bit Support - NET: Available as 32/64-bit AnyCPU and ActiveX: Available as 32- and 64-bit
  • Color Barcodes - Reads 24-bit color and 8-bit grayscale images
  • Fast - Find and decode multiple barcodes in just milliseconds
  • Thorough - Identify barcodes anywhere on the page, in any orientation
  • Accurate - Correctly decode barcodes most other engines can’t includes confidence values to direct manual intervention
  • Easy - Include barcode reading with just a few lines of code