Barcode Xpress for Linux

Barcode Xpress for Linux is a powerful control which accurately reads common industry 1D and 2D barcodes, detecting them anywhere on the page, in any orientation. Barcode Xpress for Linux allows processing barcodes with unlimited speed. It is for high-end, high-volume imaging applications where speed is critical for the success of the application. Images can be read as fast as the processor allows. Reads and writes 1D barcodes, including Postal Code, with unlimited processing speed. Reads all 2D barcodes (PDF417, Data Matrix, QR Code, and Aztec), along with writing of some 2D barcodes (PDF417 and Data Matrix) with unlimited processing speed.

Barcode Xpress for Linux provides both barcode detection and creation.

Barcode Detection
Barcode Xpress for Linux makes it easy to add barcode detection to your Linux applications. It automatically detects all barcodes in an image and it gives you complete details about each barcode.

Barcode Results
Each barcode result contains the following parameters:

  • Barcode value.
  • Barcode type.
  • Confidence.
  • Location.
  • Skew.

Barcode Creation
Barcode Xpress for Linux can create many of the popular 1D barcode...


Barcode Xpress for Linux v12.2
Barcode Xpress for Linux v12.2
CentOS 6をサポート、バーコードの認識精度を向上
Barcode Xpress for Linux v12.1
Barcode Xpress for Linux v12.1
Ubuntu v16.04とv14.04、CentOS v7をサポート

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