Chant LexiconKit について


Chant LexiconKitはローカルにインストールされる辞書 (Cepstral, SAPI 4, SAPI 5, Nuance Vocalizer and VoCon 3200) を編集し、オンデマンド辞書ワード発音の作成、削除、エクスポートし、最大の認識の正確さと音声合成質を保証するための辞書ワード発音を読み込むことができます。

Features of Chant LexiconKit

A LexiconKit application can:

  • Edit locally installed lexicons.
  • Create and delete lexicon word pronunciations on demand.
  • Export and import lexicon word pronunciations for ensuring maximum recognition accuracy and speech synthesis quality.
  • Add and remove dictation shortcuts.

Within the Chant Developer Workbench IDE, you can:

  • Create and edit W3C lexicons (.pls).
  • Create and edit Cepstral lexicon file (.txt).
  • Create and edit Nuance Vocalizer and VoCon user dictionary text file (.dct).
  • Create, edit, export, and delete SAPI 5 user and application lexicons.
  • Generate word pronunciation phonemes.
  • Edit word pronunciation phonemes.