Chart FX Client Server(英語版)

Chart FX Client Server leverages all of the features in Software FX's Chart FX for .NET in a product specifically designed for COM desktop developers. Chart FX Client Server harnesses the full GDI+ capabilities of Chart FX for .NET to create strikingly detailed visual effects. Chart FX Client Server is a 100% COM tool, written completely in C++. The .NET Framework is not required in any manner for production. Chart FX Client Server has the same capabilities as Chart FX for .NET because the code has been translated from .NET (C#) to C++. This translation capability allows Software FX to offer a homogeneous product base with the same features.

Chart FX Client Server is Easy to Code & Integrate
Software FX strive to provide customers with the easiest, yet most advanced ways of integrating charting into their application with minimal development. To facilitate this process even more, Chart FX Client Server provides interactive Tutorial and Samples; an interactive programmer’s guide that will get you accustomed with Chart FX Client Server through hundreds of samples and comprehensive explanations.

Chart FX Client Server Enhanced User...

One software license is required per developer。 You have a royalty-free right to distribute Chart FX "Redistributable Code" if: (a) you distribute the "run time" modules only in conjunction with the...


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Last year we had a project that required significant development of a quality management software which required development of several different charts and graphs. We came to ComponentSource for the... 続きを読む