Chart FX for COM について


Chart FX for COMはChart FX Internet とChart FX Client Serverが含まれています。Chart FX for COMのChart FX Internetは、オンラインデータ可視化のためのASP開発者のニーズに対処し、Chart FX Client ServerはどんなCOMデスクトップ開発でのチャートに対する要求も解決します。Chart FX for COMのChart FX Client Serverはは、アンチエイリアシング、スムーズネス、アルファ透明度、グラデーションなどを含む高度な視覚機能を提供します。Chart FX for COMのChart FX Client ServerはVB6, Visual C++, Delphi, C++Builder,やAccess and Visual FoxProなどのIDEを使ったCOMデスクトップ開発用に特別に開発されたコンポーネントを含んでいます。

Chart FX for COM Includes:

  • Chart FX Internet Components: Chart FX Internet takes your ASP development to the next level. With the addition of the Resource Center and the completely redesigned Internet Designer, integration is easier than ever. Simply select or create the chart you want with very intuitive tools (including a chart wizard) and copy the generated code into your project.
  • Chart FX Client Server Components: Chart FX Client Server includes components specifically designed for COM desktop development with IDEs such as VB6, Visual C++, Delphi, C++Builder, and even Access and Visual FoxPro. This release leverages all of the features in our highly-acclaimed Chart FX for .NET in a product specifically designed for COM client server developers.

Chart FX for COM is Easy to Code & Integrate
Software FX strive to provide customers with the easiest, yet most advanced ways of integrating charting into their application with minimal development. To facilitate this process even more, Chart FX for COM provides interactive Tutorial and Samples; an interactive programmer’s guide that will get you accustomed with Chart FX through hundreds of samples and comprehensive explanations.

Chart FX for COM Features
Chart FX for COM includes an extensive array of features and enhancements driven by requests made by customers. This release leverages all of the award winning Chart FX 6.2 featureset in a product specifically designed for COM developers.

Chart FX for COM Enhanced User Interface
Chart FX for COM offers end-user chart customization through intuitive menus, dialogs and toolbars. Users can export the charts to a variety of formats as well as store changes to a particular chart for future sessions, maximizing the usability and readability of your application's charts at the end-user level.

Chart FX for COM Internet Capabilities
Developers can maximize their web application's potential with Chart FX for COM's many internet enabled features. Features such as bit-streaming directly to a browser, auto browser detection and response, a web server component, server component, and drill-down capabilities.

Chart FX for COM Visual Attributes
With over 20 different chart types, customizable legends, ready-to-use color palettes, multiple and customizable axes, per-marker attributes, gridlines, background images and border objects, Chart FX for COM allows you to create some of the most visually appealing charts in just minutes.

Chart FX for COM Data Analysis
Chart FX for COM places an impressive array of data analysis tools at your disposal. Chart FX for COM provides functionality such highlighting, statistical analysis, axis sections, conditional attributes and more.

Chart FX for COM Chart Population
Chart FX for COM supports a vast variety of data population methods, including, passing data directly through the API, Resultset Binding, XML Files, Collections, Arrays, Arrays of Arrays, Text Files and Crosstab.

Comprehensive Support
Software FX is committed to providing the best possible support for all our products. With an extensive knowledge base, online articles, personalized support, community and more, you will find all the assistance you need to quickly integrate Chart FX into your application.