dbForge Studio for SQL Server について


dbForge Studio for SQL ServerはSQLサーバー開発、データレポートと解析そして基本的な管理をするためのIDEです。このツールはルーチンタスクのスピードアップと複雑なデータベース変更を可能にすることによりSQL開発者を支援します。dbForge Studio for SQL Server は便利なスクリプト環境でのSQLのコーディングを高める設計テーブルとデータを失うことなく、それらを再構築し、データベースを比較、スキーマとデータを同期させる、複雑な構造を持つデータベースを変更するときに、オブジェクトの依存関係に取り組む、とデータベースの展開を自動化することができます運用サーバーは、データに関するレポートを作成し、データのレポート配信を自動化し、迅速なデータベースのセキュリティを管理します。

dbForge Studio for SQL Server provides the following benefits:

Index Manager
A handy tool for analyzing the status of SQL indexes and fixing issues with index fragmentation. Index Manager allows you to quickly collect index fragmentation statistics and detect databases that require maintenance. You can instantly rebuild and reorganize SQL indexes in visual mode or generate SQL script for future use.

Unit Test
An intuitive and convenient tool for implementing automated unit testing. The tool is based on the open-source tSQLt framework, so SQL developers can benefit from writing unit tests in regular T-SQL. Unit Test rich functionality allows to develop stable and reliable code that can be properly regression tested at the unit level.

SQL Coding Assistance
Writing SQL code takes a lot of time while you can be more productive with the help of:

  • Code completion - to create whole SQL statement in a few keystrokes.
  • SQL formatting - to follow common coding style (standard).
  • SQL snippets - to save time storing and reusing repeated code fragments.
  • Quick object information - to show hints with info on database objects.
  • Code navigation - quick jump by F12 to variable declaration, object editor, etc.

SQL Source Control
Incorporate source control systems into your database development and deployment processes.

  • Link your databases to most popular source control systems.
  • Source-control a working folder.
  • Perform all source-controlling tasks visually.
  • Track changes history.
  • Resolve conflicts.

Table Designer
Table is a key object in any database and is the most difficult one to configure. The elaborated Table Designer allows to:

  • Quickly set table properties in the visual editors.
  • Edit a script that creates the table.
  • Rebuild tables when complex changes are introduced.
  • Preview changes before modification of a database object.

Database Diagram
An incomparable SQL server development tool for when you need to get familiar with database structure quickly. Drag & drop the database on the diagram and get its basic objects and their connections neatly displayed. Database Diagram feature provides:

  • Easy manipulation and scaling.
  • Containers for grouping objects.
  • Printing large diagrams.
  • Virtual connections.

Schema Compare
Give the Schema Compare a try, and you will use this tool for any major changes in the database structure. Our tool will help you to:

  • Synchronize database schemas with complex object dependencies.
  • Detect development errorsearly.
  • Create schema snapshots to capture database structure.
  • Detect drift on production databases.
  • Create deployment scripts targeting different SQL Server editions.

T-SQL Debugger
A must-have SQL database development tool for server-side logic. It's integrated into the stored procedure editor. Start debugging by clicking on the Database Explorer tree.

Query Profiler
Locate bottlenecks and optimize slow query execution time with many advanced options unavailable in a standard tool.

Query Builder
Create complex queries in a split second using only the mouse. Query Builder tool comprises visual editors for each query clause, automatically creates relations between tables, allows you to work with subqueries and edit INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries visually.

Data Export and Import
Crucial tools for filling a database with external source data and migrating data between systems. Our tools support 10+ widely used data formats, a number of advanced options, templates for recurring scenarios, customizable regular command line import and export.

Data Compare
An essential tool when transferring data from one server to another. It allows you to:

  • Synchronize data between servers.
  • Analyze data differences and create reports.
  • Compare databases with different structure.
  • Schedule regular data synchronization.
  • Compare table data in SQL Server backups.

Data Editor
Using dbForge Studio for SQL Server tool you will enjoy working with tabular data. This tool provides you with convenient editing, filtering, sorting, copying of randomly selected cells, quick data export to INSERT query and many other features for a better efficiency.

Data Reports
Visual Data Report designer with support of chart plotting converts your data into a good-looking report. This tool also allows you to generate a report in 9 different formats. The command line interface helps you to schedule automatic report delivery.

Security Manager
The only tool you need to configure security settings. Security Manager includes:

  • Visual editors for logins, users, and roles.
  • Batch editing of objects.
  • Setup privileges per schema object.

Master-Detail Browser
Used for simultaneous data view in related tables. It is also convenient for express data analysis and locating specific records and logical errors in the database. Visual diagram helps to set up communications in a few seconds and go directly to view.

Pivot Table
Using this tool, you don't need to go into SQL subtleties to group and summarize your data. Visual Pivot Table Designer, advanced filtering, visual data presentation in a graph make your data easier to read, understand, and analyze. Note: table designer does not generate pivot SQL queries that can be used outside of the program.