DevExtreme 19.1.6

Released: Sep 12, 2019

19.1.6 での更新項目


All HTML JS products

  • DevExtreme breaks the "mousewheel" event in IE 11

DevExtreme Core

  • ODataContext sends an empty expand parameter in the request in certain scenarios

DevExtreme Data Grid

  • Action column is being cut off when using native scrolling
  • CustomStore - The loadOptions.filter array contains unexpected values when filtering unique values in a column's headerFilter
  • DataGrid - All CheckBoxes are flickering when cancelEditData() is called and repaintChangesOnly: true
  • DataGrid - An exception occurs after collapsing a group if a focused row is enabled
  • DataGrid - DateEdit with the time format has no items in the drop-down element when a new row is added
  • DataGrid - Editors don't have certain labels/tags in an accessibility axe test
  • DataGrid - Infinite loading occurs after filtering if the FilterPanel is visible and the calculateFilterExpression callback function returns another function
  • DataGrid - The "Cannot read property 'push' of undefined." error occurs while closing popup edit form
  • DataGrid - The calculateCellValue callback function lacks grouped row data when the grid's state is reset
  • DataGrid - The cssClass option is not in effect for a command button if an SVG image is used as a button icon
  • DataGrid - The e.prevRowIndex argument value in the onFocusedRowChanging event is undefined when the row loses focus
  • DataGrid - The edited cell appearance is incorrect when an end user clicks inside a separate DataGrid instance
  • DataGrid - The focusedRowChanging event is not raised when a cell in a boolean column is clicked
  • DataGrid adds a space to a column caption if its dataField contains '/'
  • DataGrid command column is empty when columnFixing is enabled
  • DataGrid does multiple calls to the same page after navigating through rows using "Page Down" if virtual scrolling is enabled
  • DataGrid doesn't allow resizing columns if there is only one record
  • DataGrid doesn't cancel changes in onRowUpdating event for Boolean columns

DevExtreme Data Visualization

  • "The chart title/legend was hidden due to the container size" warning message is shown even if the title/legend is disabled
  • Chart - The content provided in the customizeHint callback function is displayed on axis labels
  • Chart - The loading indicator does not disappear when axis labels are too long and hidden
  • PolarChart - Axis labels overlap the title and legend
  • PolarChart adds much white space around the chart when argument axis labels are long
  • Sparkline renders items differently in v18.2.7 and v19.1.5 when zero values are provided
  • VectorMap - A web browser hangs on an attempt to print or export a map

DevExtreme Demos

  • The Tooltip HTML Support demo doesn't display charts

DevExtreme Html Editor

  • HtmlEditor - valueChanged does not fire when changing a color after adding a link
  • HtmlEditor throws an exception on pasting text from Microsoft Word

DevExtreme Scheduler

  • Performance issue when rendering 500 appointments in the timeline view
  • Scheduler displays an appointment incorrectly

DevExtreme Tree List

  • TreeList - The "Cannot read property join of undefined" error occurs if the sortOrder option is set for a column

DevExtreme UI Widgets

  • Context menu items keyboard navigation stops working
  • DateBox - The widget changes PM to AM under certain conditions
  • DateBox - The widget displays ellipsis in its input field if buttons are added at runtime when the readOnly option is set to true
  • DateBox with the masked behavior raises an error when the widget is disposed of in the ValueChanged event
  • DevExtreme-Based ASP.NET Controls - An error occurs on an attempt to customize FieldTemplate for SelectBox in a Form inside a Popup
  • dxTextBox does not allow deleting characters using the Backspace key when mask is used on certain Android devices
  • Floating Action Button - The initial position is incorrect if the container doesn't have height
  • Form - It is not possible to get the name property in the context of the unbound template
  • List - The Delete button is incorrectly rendered if an item is selected or dragged
  • MultiView - The widget that contains only one view is incorrectly rendered on mobile devices
  • NumberBox - Large spin buttons increase on mouse hover in FireFox
  • NumberBox - The "Failed to read the 'selectionStart' property from 'HTMLInputElement'" error occurs on Android 5 using WebView
  • NumberBox incorrectly formats value in Chrome Version 76 when Intl is used and the Spanish culture is applied
  • ODataContext sends an empty expand parameter in the request in certain scenarios
  • Popup - Content with "contentEditable=false" is not scrolled
  • Popup doesn't cover the whole screen after focusing an input element if the page is scrolled on iOS
  • TabPanel - Tab content disappears after removing items if repaintChangesOnly is "true"
  • TabPanel does not show the tab content when a tab is added at runtime, and the repaintChangesOnly option is enabled
  • TabPanel removes content when items are changed
  • TextArea doesn't scroll its content if it is placed in the ScrollView
  • TextArea is rendered incorrectly when minHeight/maxHeight is specified in pixels
  • TextBox - It's impossible to enter numbers on Android if '00:00' mask is used
  • The onClick event handler is not raised in dxButton when the latter is placed in dxToolbar using Knockout
  • TreeView - If the JAWS screen reader is used, keyboard navigation doesn't work, and the reader doesn't pronounce the item text when a search bar is enabled
  • Web Dashboard - Keyboard Navigation works incorrectly in the list box dashboard item if the Select All feature is enabled

HTML JS Dashboard

  • Web Dashboard - Keyboard Navigation works incorrectly in the list box dashboard item if the Select All feature is enabled