DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Library for WPF について


Add tree-lists to your Windows Forms applications providing: tree-view behavior for ListView inheriting control; data binding with high customizability; rich user experience, customizable appearance, culture and theme awareness; extended Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern support (Prism).

Free Upgrades
You are entitled to obtain a free upgrade to Hierarchical Data Library 4.0 for WPF 4 preserving the license type if you have a license for Hierarchical Data Library 3.1 for WPF 3.5 – please call us toll free or email us to request it.

DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Library for WPF Design Time Features (for developers)

  • Integrate with Visual Studio development environment; reference documentation is available in Visual Studio style; supports all .NET languages, including but not limited to C# and Visual Basic .NET
  • Very similar in appearance, behaviour, and development related features with the standard ListView control
  • Programmatically allow data binding, node indentation, content, expansion values. Node management business logic may be used separately by accessing the included NodeManager component that the controls also leverage internally
  • Use standard GridViewColumn objects within the Columns definition of a GridView to indicate custom columns to be displayed in the user interface, and the TreeGridViewColumn object to indicate the column to be displayed as a tree view
  • Extensibility is provided through exposed properties, events, and type inheritance support.

DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Library for WPF Runtime Features (for end users)

  • Ability to expand and close nodes, and increment and decrement node indentation
  • The current culture (language and region) set by the end user (using the Regional and Language Options) is used by default for displaying and retrieving values such as numbers or dates and times
  • The current theme provided by the operating system (Aero, Luna, etc.) or configured by the end user is used by default

DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Library for WPF Components

  • TreeListView Control