DevExpress WinForms 19.1.6

Released: Sep 12, 2019

19.1.6 での更新項目


All WinForms products

  • "The GPU device instance has been suspended. Use GetDeviceRemovedReason to determine the appropriate action" exception is raised in DirectXPaint in certain circumstances
  • DevExpress Project Settings - The custom Segoe UI, 9 font is recognized as the default font when the project setting page is reopened
  • FilteringUIContext - CheckedComboBoxEdit displays value types instead of values
  • FilteringUIContext - ComboBox and ListBox editors generate different filter criteria in the same scenario
  • FilteringUIContext doesn't pull its client filter if it is set before FilteringUIContext is shown
  • MissingManifestResourceException is thrown when a custom skin is used
  • NavBarControl's Overflow Button Group Menu Items don't show single ampersands
  • WinForms doesn't work with .Net Core 3 Preview 8

Data Access Library

  • ExcelDataSorce - The ExcelSourceOptions.SkipHiddenColumns option skips only column names
  • ExcelDataSource - Zero is loaded from a numeric column instead of the NULL value
  • SqlDataSource - Parameters are not permitted in the SELECT list (Pervasive)
  • SqlDataSource - The XPO provider's methods are used to obtain the stored procedure's result schema
  • The "Specified cast is not valid" error when using a query builder of the SQL data source with aggregated fields

DemoCenter (.NET)

  • DemoCenter - The Open Solution button does not work when Visual Studio 2019 is the only IDE on a machine

WinForms Dashboard

  • Data Source Wizard loses custom column names in the Excel/CSV data source on editing

Word Processing Document API

  • A changed font with the ASCII/High/Complex Script/East Asian content type specified is incorrectly written in a run in the saved .DOCX document
  • Export to Docx - Fonts are changed to Times New Roman if the XtraReport.RightToLeft property has the True value
  • Performance - Search operates slowly if the FindAll method is consequently called several times
  • Performance is low in scenarios that require retrieving information from many document ranges
  • Text is marked as hidden after pasting content from a specific HTML document displayed in Internet Explorer
  • The display format specified for a numbering list level isn't applied after importing a specific document
  • Unable to set range permission on last paragraph in protected document.

XtraBars Suite

  • AccordionControl - Groups are not hidden when using the footer Root Display Mode
  • AccordionControl - Icon's color is not changed on mouse hover and is not re-set on mouse up
  • AccordionControl - Scrollbar disappears when AnimationType is set to None
  • AccordionControl - The control is collapsed on opening an editor's popup window when OptionsMinimizing.State is set to Minimized
  • AccordionControl - The CreateImageFromContentContainer method is called if the AnimationType property is None
  • AccordionControl - The scrollbar flickers when the ScrollBarMode.Auto mode is used
  • BarCheckItem does not display its state when it is disabled and the checkbox is not shown
  • BarEditItem is shown not completely when bar width is not sufficient to accommodate it
  • BarItem - A disabled item has the black fore color when the UseForeColor option is enabled and the ForeColor property was not specified
  • BarSubItem does not take a new visibility state of its items into account unless a user reopens a popup
  • DockManager - DockPanel has incorrect width when auto-hidden on High DPI
  • DockManager - There is no way to force auto-hide panels to hide immediately on losing focus
  • DockManager, BackStageView - The dock panels are restored incorrectly when a form is shown from the Minimized state
  • DocumentManager - The IBaseViewController.ResetLayout method does not work if all documents are floating
  • DocumentManager - The QueryControl event is raised twice when ControlReleasing is handled and e.Cancel is set to true
  • FluentDesignForm - A form opens with a delay when its FluentDesignFormControl contains bar items
  • FluentDesignForm's title bar flickers when the mouse moves over
  • Hamburger menu group items disappear at runtime
  • Icons in TileBar's tiles are not drawn disabled when the controls is disabled
  • InvalidCastException is thrown when the FilteringUIContext.PrepareTemplate event is used
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the IsExistSecondShortcut method after the CTRL+V key combination is pressed
  • ObjectDisposedException is thrown when RibbonControl items are changed after RibbonStatusBar is deleted
  • RadialMenu - An exception is thrown when trying to invoke the designer
  • RibbonControl - Key tips overlap each other
  • RibbonControl - The RepositoryItemPopupGalleryEdit designer isn't available
  • RibbonControl, The Office 2010 style - The separator between the window icon and QAT is displayed when the icon is hidden
  • RibbonControl's Application button has an incorrect state after closing BackStageView programmatically or using the Esc key
  • RibbonForm - The ribbon pages aren't displayed when the WindowState is Maximized and the Office2010 style is used
  • Search menu - the "No matches found..." menu item does't have a localization string
  • The AccordionControl container's color differs from that of AccordionControl when the Bezier skin is used
  • The maximized dock panel is not shown when the QueryMaximizedControl event is used
  • The width of the Parameter Panel cannot be changed starting with hotfix

XtraCharts Suite

  • A Constant Line element disappears in certain cases when the automatic DateTime scale mode is enabled
  • An unhandled error occurs when exporting the chart to bitmap when the DirectX render mode is enabled
  • ArithmeticException is raised on loading a layout with custom labels if scrolling is enabled
  • Chart Designer - A custom Series Colorizer is not applied to ChartControl
  • Chart Designer - The Legend panel does not reflect the Series Colorizer color schema
  • Crosshair is displayed incorrectly if a chart was resized since the neighbor control was collapsed
  • Gantt Series - The Default resolve overlapping mode does now work in certain cases
  • How to sort Crosshair Elements
  • Performance issue with a Bubble series caused by an internal UpdatePointsInteractions method
  • Swift Plot Series does not display breaks for empty points
  • The ChartControl diagram is resized when the Crosshair Cursor is shown if the DirectX rendering mode is enabled

XtraEditors Library

  • DateEdit - The dropdown calendar does not take into account time fraction changes
  • FilterControl - There is no way to make the control read-only
  • MemoExEdit - Icons should be different when an edit value is set and is not
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the SplashScreenManager.SendCommand method
  • PictureEdit - SvgImage retrieved via the ReadAllBytes method cannot be loaded into the control
  • RepositoryItemCheckEdit - NullReferenceException is thrown in the StringPainter.UpdateLocation method
  • RepositoryItemColorPickEdit displays an empty color list in the Web tab
  • SearchLookUpEdit - Narrator does not read values when they are changed if a popup is closed
  • SearchLookUpEdit - Values from the currently focused row are not returned after the update to version 19.1.5 if a data source contains duplicate values
  • SidePanelContainer - Cannot resize the fixed panel when FixedPanelAlignment is set to Far
  • SimpleButton - BackColor is applied incorrectly in some bonus skins when the button is hovered
  • SimpleButton is incorrectly displayed when the Blue skin is used
  • SimpleButton is incorrectly displayed when the Office 2010 skin is used
  • The form shadow cannot be clicked through when the Bezier skin is applied
  • The Form shadow is still displayed if FormBorderEffect = None and FormThickBorder is enabled
  • XtraForm - A gap between the form and its shadow when DisableFormSkins is used
  • XtraForm does not maximize fully in CompactUI mode
  • XtraInputBox size is determined incorrectly
  • XtraMessageBox - The title is truncated when the Bezier skin is used

XtraGrid Suite

  • ArgumentException is thrown on rearranging items in a detail TileView using drag-and-drop
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown if the mouse cursor hovers over summary items when the Narrator tool is used
  • Data Source Configuration Wizard - There is no capability to choose an abstract class as an element type
  • Documenation - Tutorial: Search/Find Panel help article is outdated
  • Enum images are incorrectly displayed in the grid's column filter popup when the GridView.FilterPopupExcelData event is handled
  • Excel Filter Dialog - The editors reset the cursor position when the RegEx mask is used
  • GridControl - DirectXPaint.StretchTileEffect.Process throws the NullReferenceException exception
  • GridView - A filter is not re-set on clicking the Clear Filter button in the Excel filter popup
  • GridView - An empty item is added to the ImageComboBox's popup in AutoFilterRow even though a Null item exists
  • GridView - Auto Filter Row allows you to type a value of an invalid type in EF server mode
  • GridView - Cells are merged incorrectly when exporting a grouped view to Excel
  • GridView - SVG icons are hidden in the focused row when the Cell Merging feature is enabled
  • HTML tags in Gridview column filter popup text when HTML text enabled and the column type is boolean
  • LayoutView - BaseView.InvalidValueException is not raised in Server Mode
  • NullReferenceException in GridControl.UpdateAccessibility in a project targeting .Net Core preview 9
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on exporting BandedGridView with a grouped column using the ExportToText method
  • The "Cross thread operation detected" exception is raised when a filter is changed
  • The Find Panel has an incorrect size when it is displayed for a maximized detail view
  • The WithinDaysOfTodayFunction doesn't allow int values input
  • TileView - A dragged tile is drawn above all forms
  • TileView - Add the capability to drag a tile using the empty space of a group
  • TileView - System.ArgumentException when clearing a DataTable that stores disposed images
  • TileView context buttons disappear after the mouse wheel is spinned when AllowSmoothScrolling is enabled
  • XtraGrid - An accessibility related exception is raised on certain systems

XtraLayout Suite

  • LayoutControl - There is no ability to change SplitterItem's position in code in the same manner as in UI
  • LayoutcontrolItem - Ampersand does not render when the AllowHTMLStringInCaption option is enabled
  • UserControl has an incorrect background color if it is placed in LayoutControl and DrawAdornerLayer is enabled
  • XtraForm flickers when resized if UserControl is in a LayoutControl and The Bezier skin is applied
  • XtraUserControl doesn't change its background color on changing a skin palette when placed in a LayoutControlGroup


  • An unhandled exception (an incorrect Latitude value) occurs in certain situations
  • Certain Map Control Demos do not show data if German regional settings are enabled on the running machine
  • KeyColorColorizer does not provide information about item keys
  • Navigation Panel content is not updated when changing the panel's visibility at runtime

XtraPivotGrid Suite

  • Pivot Grid - Performance is significantly decreased when the CollapseValue method is executed for multiple values
  • Pivot Grid processes Prefilter criterion with the Or operator incorrectly
  • PivotGridControl - IndexOutOfRangeException is raised on clicking the filter panel's "Expand All" item in the Filter Popup's context menu
  • PivotGridControl filters unbound fields incorrectly if its UnboundExpression is empty and data is not provided in the CustomUnboundFieldData event
  • Some cells contain incorrect values when the LegacyOptmized mode and the RunningTotal feature are used
  • The ArgumentOutOfRange exception is raised if the ValuesIncluded collection contains wrong values
  • The FieldAreaIndexChanged event is not raised when you drag a column field behind the data field header
  • The LegacyOptimized engine provides incorrect CustomSummary event args to sort a column by summary values
  • XtraPivotGrid - It is impossible to auto scroll to right and down when a user selects cells and drags a mouse pointer

XtraPrinting Library

  • Export DOCX - The XRPageInfo.TextFormatString property in SingleFile export mode is ignored
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on exporting BandedGridView with a grouped column using the ExportToText method

XtraReports Suite

  • "The data source doesn't contain a data member with the "%field name%" name." message does not contain information about a report control
  • A date filed does not wrap during the export to Excel and displays '###' characters
  • A report's ExportOptions are lost when a report is used in the CachedReportSource
  • Document Viewer - Messages displayed when a data source is empty an the PrintOnEmptyDataSource property is set to False do not provide useful information
  • End-User Report Designer - Custom ISqlWizardSettingsProvider service settings are ignored
  • End-User Report Designer - DetailReport with FilterString shows a wrong GroupHeader on repeated pages
  • Export - Shapes are incorrectly filled by LinearGradientBrush if the current PageUnit property value doesn't equal 'Pixel'.
  • Export - Text written by the Khmer script is exported incorrectly
  • Export to Docx - Fonts are changed to Times New Roman if the XtraReport.RightToLeft property has the True value
  • Export to DOCX - Page numbers in the Table Of Contents are truncated
  • Export to Excel - Labels with transparent background are exported incorrectly
  • Export to RTF - Images are overlapped in the exported document
  • Localization - The 'An item with the same key has already been added.' error occurs when the same name is used in the translation of the Property Grid tabs'
  • Report Designer - Ribbon toolbar commands for changing the background and foreground color do not work properly
  • Report Designer Hangs in Visual Studio 2019 (16.2)
  • Subreport grouping does not work correctly when the XRSubReport.GenerateOwnPages option is enabled
  • The DevExpress Report item template does not add the DevExpress.AspNetCore.Reporting package to the project that has the DevExpress.AspNetCore.Bootstrap package installed
  • The DevExpress Report item template does not display an error if ASP.NET Core Bootstrap packages of other versions are used in the project
  • The display name of a calculated field does not restore its value after pressing the Cancel button in the Calculated Field Editor
  • The width of the Parameter Panel cannot be changed starting with hotfix
  • XRChart - The crosshair's properties and events should be hidden in the End-User Report Designer
  • XRSubreport - Subreport's paper settings are not applied to all pages of this subreport when the GenerateOwnPages option is enabled
  • XtraReport - Exported RTF/DOCX documents have truncated text (the Single File Page-by-Page mode)


  • A changed font with the ASCII/High/Complex Script/East Asian content type specified is incorrectly written in a run in the saved .DOCX document
  • An empty space is shown on the right of the table after the Simple view with the WordWrap option disabled is scrolled to the rightmost position
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on deleting text in a specific document
  • High memory consumption with RichEditControl after update to version 19.1.5
  • Images are drawn with frames after saving a document to WordML
  • Images are lost after loading a specific DOC document
  • IndexOutOfRangeException on an attempt to select all text in a specific document
  • NullReferenceException is thrown on an attempt to load any document after importing a specific RTF document
  • NullReferenceException occurs on an attempt to import a specific Html document with a table
  • Performance - Search operates slowly if the FindAll method is consequently called several times
  • Performance is low in scenarios that require retrieving information from many document ranges
  • Text is marked as hidden after pasting content from a specific HTML document displayed in Internet Explorer
  • The display format specified for a numbering list level isn't applied after importing a specific document
  • The horizontal ruler is positioned incorrectly after the parent window is maximized
  • The text highlight isn't removed after setting the highlight color to Automatic
  • Unable to set range permission on last paragraph in protected document.

XtraScheduler Suite

  • DateNavigator - NullReferenceException is thrown in the DateNavigatorControllerWin.SyncSelectionWithSelectedDate method
  • ExtractRecurrenceRule returns incorrect results for specific RecurrenceInfo items
  • NullReferenceException is raised in CellContainerLayoutInfo when ImageSizeMode is set to ZoomImage
  • AppointmentViewInfoStatusItem's Bounds is calculated incorrectly
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown in the CalculateDateTimeFromOffset method when a visible date time range is changed
  • FetchAppointments is raised an indefinite number of times in some circumstances when the scheduler is bound to DateNavigator
  • The AppointmentChanged event is raised again when an underlying row's field is changed in the DataAdapter.RowUpdated event handler
  • The RowObject state isn't changed on dismissing the occurrence appointment reminder
  • The Status line is always displayed in DayView in Bonus skins
  • The Time Indicator is shown on a wrong date when an alternative TimeZone is used
  • 'There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.' error occurs when a new appointment is added in GanttView
  • SchedulerControl crash when using the BluePrint skin
  • SchedulerControl does not automatically scroll its view to the left while performing the drag-and-drop operation
  • SchedulerControl, EndConverter - The Convert function isn't called for Null/DBNull values
  • SchedulerControl, SchedulerDataStorage - AppointmentExportSynchronizer throws exceptions on synchronization with Outlook
  • SchedulerControl, the TimeLine view - The vertical scrollbar doesn't work when AppointmentAutoHeight is used
  • TargetInvocationException is raised on clicking a week number in DateNavigator


  • Deleting Duplicate Misspelled Words Causes ArgumentExecption


  • ArgumentException on an attempt to save a document to XLS after copying and pasting an image multiple times
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException on an attempt to use the DATE function with a month value greater than 120,000
  • Chart series with the "No Fill" background is rendered incorrectly
  • Comment indicators may be rendered for comments located outside the worksheet display area
  • Provide the capability to export a document shape to an image
  • Rich text is rendered as plain text after copying and pasting a range from a different workbook into SpreadsheetControl using the CopyFrom method
  • The "The Writer is closed or in error state." exception is thrown while saving a specific document
  • The Html exporting engine generates a table with the first empty row
  • Usability - There is no capability to substitute characters that are missing in the current font when the document is rendered in SpreadsheetControl
  • Usability - There is no ShapeCollection.AddShape overload to position the inserted shape relative to a specific cell or range

XtraTreeList Suite

  • A node is not selected when it is clicked the first time and the KeepSelectedOnClick option is disabled
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when the column caption is changed
  • Setting the node's Selected property to true doesn't select the node when MultiSelectMode is set to CellSelect
  • The Find Panel stops showing MRU items


  • TreeMap - Group item value caching strategy is not optimal
  • Usability - There are no public API methods to manage Palettes

XtraVerticalGrid Suite

  • InvalidCastException is raised in PropertyGridControl when a MultiEditorRow is added
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in the VGridControl.GetSelectedCells method when many cells are selected
  • PropertyGridControl - Expand buttons are shown for the Caption and FieldName properties in a designer and no values are shown for these properties
  • PropertyGridControl - It is impossible to assign the same editor to multiple rows at design time
  • PropertyGridControl - rows are lost when changing from OfficeView to classic
  • PropertyGridControl - There is no way to enter text multiline for a row's ToolTip property at design time
  • PropertyGridControl serializes default values of rows' properties when ActiveViewType is Office
  • PropertyGridControl, PGridNumericEditorRowViewInfo - The GetRepositoryItemTrackBar method is not virtual
  • VerticalGrid cannot resize rows if the Fixed property is set to Top/Bottom
  • VGridControl - The GetSelectedCells method throws NullReferenceException when the selection contains non-visible cells
  • VGridControl reserves a redundant space for a scrollbar


  • A new page is selected when a non-selected page is removed
  • WizardControl help text is not shown in the Properties window