MDG Integration(英語版)

The MDG Integration for Microsoft Office is designed to integrate with different products within the Microsoft Office suite. It allows you to upgrade your documents and spreadsheets into Enterprise Architect, providing a rich modeling experience utilizing UML 2.5, SysML and BPMN among many other technologies. The Visual Studio integration allows developers to navigate the UML model directly within Visual Studio, perform MDA transformations to fast-track development, generate high quality rich text and web based reports, and the integration for Eclipse seamlessly integrates Enterprise Architect and UML 2.5 into the Eclipse environment, providing users with the ability to navigate and refine the development model.

Model Integration for Microsoft Office - Leverage Office Documentation in Enterprise Architect.
The MDG Integration for Microsoft Office is an extension to Enterprise Architect which enriches your documents and spreadsheets with tools for UML, SysML, BPMN and many other modeling notations.

Key Tools for Integrating Visio, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Import requirements, uses cases and more from Word and Excel.
  • Import process diagrams from Visio into structued BPMN.
  • Synchronize model changes back...


Enterprise Architect 14.1(ビルド1429)
Enterprise Architect 14.1(ビルド1429)
Enterprise Architect 14.1(ビルド1428)
Enterprise Architect 14.1(ビルド1428)
MDG Integration v14(ビルド1422)
MDG Integration v14(ビルド1422)
Enterprise Architect 13.0
Enterprise Architect 13.0

価格:¥ 31,020 (税込)〜

One software license is required per user。 MDG Integration products require Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect。 MDG Products do not require a subscription renewal。 Provided you have an up to date...


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