ER/Studio Business Architect

ER/Studio Business Architect gives data architects powerful yet easy-to-use tools that visualize business processes, and how they access data. Business users can easily model and better understand the often-complex relationships between processes, people and data.

ER/Studio Business Architect Features

Mapping Complex Data Structures to Leverage Enterprise Data as an Asset
With increasing reliance on multiple data sources, companies of all sizes are rapidly facing more complex, multi-layered and cross-platform challenges when trying to locate, understand, and accurately interpret essential data. In the healthcare sector alone, this challenge costs an average of $70 million every year.

Data management professionals need to find answers that:

  • Make it easy to...


ER/Studio Business Architect 18.0
ER/Studio Business Architect 18.0
ER/Studio Business Architect 17.0.2
ER/Studio Business Architect 17.0.2
ER/Studio Business Architect 2016+
ER/Studio Business Architect 2016+

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Licensing and Deployment Solutions: The Workstation option is perfect for individual users; while the network-based named and concurrent licensing options provide a flexible、 cost-effective solution...


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