ExpertPDF Pdf Images Extractor(英語版)

ExpertPDF PDF Images Extractor can be used in any type of .NET application to extract images from a PDF document. The integration with existing .NET applications is extremely easy and no installation is necessary in order to run the extractor. ExpertPDF PDF Images Extractor contains an assembly for .NET and a ready to use sample console application. A full C# source code for the sample application is available in the Samples folder. ExpertPDF PDF Images Extractor produces .NET Bitmap objects during conversion that you can save in image files or use for further processing. You can also specify the extracted image format (bmp, png, jpeg, etc).

ExpertPDF PDF Images Extractor Features

  • .NET development library and C# samples
  • Extract images from PDF streams or PDF files
  • Extract images in file or in internal memory
  • Specify the extracted image format (bmp, png, jpeg, etc)
  • Does not require Adobe Reader or other third party tools
  • Generate ImageExtracted events after each image extraction
  • The ImageExtracted event handler receives the extracted Bitmap object
  • The ImageExtracted event handler receives the PDF page number
  • Specify the range of...

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