ExpressSkins Library について

多くのDeveloper Express VCLコンポーネントでスキン機能を可能にします。

ExpressSkins LibraryはMicrosoft Office 2007のルック&フィール、および角丸ボタン、透明効果やグラデーションなどを含む、いくつかのユニークなビジュアルスタイルを提供しています。ExpressSkinsで独自のWindows XP風スキンが作成できます。Windows XP以前にリリースされたOSでも、搭載されたスキンおよびカスタム スキンはOSを問わず使用できます。ソースコードを含むライセンスも販売しています。

The following features are available to you when using the ExpressSkins Library:

  • Microsoft® Office® 2007 Skins - With the ExpressSkins Library, you can apply Office 2007 paint styles to shipping Developer Express controls. All three color schemes - Blue, Black and Silver - are fully supported. In addition to these basic skin types, you have access to slightly modified variants. Since similar elements can be painted differently from one Office application to another, there are two skins for each color scheme. As such, you can choose the paint style you like the most or allow your end-users decide what works for them
  • Custom Skins - In addition to Microsoft Office 2007 skins, you get multiple unique look and feel options that were designed by Developer Express
  • Centralized Control - The ExpressSkins Library includes the TdxSkinController component that allows you to specify the paint style of all components on a form at once
  • Form Skinning Support - When you apply skinning using the TdxSkinController component, standard forms also get skinned so that their borders and title bars are visually consistent with other controls
  • Skin Editor Application - The ExpressSkins Library includes an application that enables you to edit built-in skins, as well as construct custom look and feel options
  • Look and Feel Technology Extension - The skinning engine integrates into the Look and Feel technology supported by most Developer Express components. You can apply skinning to an individual control using the control's LookAndFeel property. If centralized management is required, you can use the TcxLookAndFeelController component
  • Skin Maintenance - With the release of new controls or with the introduction of new elements in existing controls, Developer Express will update all shipping skins accordingly

The following Developer Express components are fully supported by the ExpressSkins Library:

  • ExpressQuantumGrid v6  
  • ExpressQuantumTreeList v4  
  • ExpressVerticalGrid
  • ExpressPivotGrid  
  • ExpressBars v6  
  • ExpressScheduler v2
  • ExpressEditors Library  
  • ExpressLayout Control  
  • ExpressNavBar
  • ExpressPageControl  
  • ExpressDocking Library  
  • CodeGear's TForm