FlexGanttFX is a scheduling and resource planning component for JavaFX. It allows developers to customize every single aspect of its appearance and behaviour via CSS and the use of pluggable renderers and editing policies. FlexGanttFX utilizes a perfect mix of scene graph / scene nodes and canvas API to ensure that even the largest data sets can be rendered quickly. FlexGanttFX is not just pretty on the outside but also on the inside; a lot of work went into the API to make it as intuitive to use by developers as the UI is by the users. FlexGanttFX is ideal for project planning (resources, people, tasks), ERP systems, production planning and scheduling applications, manufacturing execution systems or project portfolio management applications.

FlexGanttFX Benefits:

  • Professional Gantt charts for JavaFX 8 - FlexGanttFX is a state-of-the art custom control for JavaFX 8 and utilizes the latest and greatest API that this platform has to offer.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning - FlexGanttFX can be used to implement an add-on for your ERP system. Use it to visualize the allocation of company resources.
  • Manufacturing - Use FlexGanttFX to visualize the information in your MES. Show or hide details depending on the level of detail you require...


FlexGanttFX 8.9.0
FlexGanttFX 8.9.0
FlexGanttFX V8.8.1
FlexGanttFX V8.8.1
FlexGanttFX 1.7.0
FlexGanttFX 1.7.0
FlexGanttFX V1.6
FlexGanttFX V1.6
新しいGantt Chart Liteコントロールと新しい種類のコンテナーに加え、アクティビティのフィルタリング機能を搭載。

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