FormSuite for Structured Forms について


FormSuiteには FormFix Professional、SmartZone Professional、ScanFix Xpress、ImagXpress Document、FormFix delivers .NETが含まれています。FormFixは、フォーム処理アプリケーションの開発者にモノクロテンプレートベースのフォーム識別、フォーム登録、フォームドロップアウト、およびOMR技術を提供する.NETコンポーネントを提供しています。SmartZoneは、開発者に一般的にフォーム処理アプリケーションに用いられる帯状OCR(機械印刷文字認識)を実行する機能を提供しています。ScanFix Xpressは、モノクロ文書画像強調技術を提供しています。ImagXpressドキュメントは、ドキュメントイメージングとフォーム処理アプリケーション開発のための理想的です。

Capture everything
Typed phone number fields, signatures, filled in bubbles, hand printed text fields, barcodes. Any data filled into a form can be captured using OCR, ICR, OMR, and barcode recognition.

Out-of-box ready
Fully-functional template creation and setup testing tool empowers you to easily set up the forms processing system and test it prior to production. Source code included to allow you to customize the tool. Fully-functional, multi-threaded processing sample code gets you quickly to a production capable forms processing solution.

No form sorting
Build template sets made of numerous forms so you don’t have to sort them prior to processing. FormSuite identifies the correct form and aligns it even if it is rotated or skewed or scaled.

Forms Processing Features
Accusoft's FormSuite SDK allows you to integrate powerful character recognition (OCR, ICR, and OMR), form identification, form dropout, scanned document cleanup, and more to eliminate slow, costly manual data entry and data extraction for structured forms.

  • Document Data Capture - Overcome manual entry, reduce errors, and streamline forms processing within your applications.
  • Form Recognition - Automatically identify scanned forms and match to predefined form templates.
  • Image Cleanup - Enhance and clean up your scanned images for improved recognition.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Add industry-leading OCR functionality to accelerate forms processing.
  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) - Precision detection and capture of hand-printed form data.
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) - Gain the functionality to detect signatures and capture data from bubble fields and checkboxes.
  • MICR Recognition - Identifies and parses E-13B font from personal or business checks. (MICR Support is available as an add-on).

What's Included?
FormSuite for Structure Forms includes:

  • FormFix Professional
  • FormDirector
  • SmartZone ICR Professional
  • SmartZone OCR Professional
  • ImagXpress Professional
  • NotateXpress
  • PrintPRO
  • TwainPRO
  • ThumbnailXpress
  • ScanFix Xpress