FormSuite for Invoices について


請求書処理用SDK。FormSuite for Invoicesは、請求書のフォーム、スキャンされた請求書のデータの抽出と検証の処理を自動化、請求書処理SDKです。SDKでは、買掛金データ入力の自動化のためのインテリジェントなデータ認識および抽出アルゴリズムを提供しています。請求書の画像を処理し、請求書番号、請求書の日付、総計をイメージからデータを抽出し検索できます。また、請求書の画像に見られるテーブルから行項目のデータの特定、抽出、、そのデータからFormTablesを構築できます。処理中に、請求先と、入力された請求書を照合できます。

FormSuite for Invoices includes the following components:

  • FSInvoices
  • ImagXpress Professional
  • NotateXpress
  • PrintPro
  • TwainPRO
  • ThumbnailXpress

FormSuite for Invoices Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use APIs facilitate smooth, simple integration into applications.
  • Highly reliable OCR from Accusoft ensures accurate data capture.
  • Fields and data detected automatically: vendor, dates, amounts, and line items.
  • Intelligent algorithms “learn” from user validations to improve accuracy over time.

Invoice Processing

  • Supports processing thousands of invoice formats
  • Single and multipage invoice support
  • Automatic detection of invoice fields
  • Field data extraction
  • Line Item Table support
  • High level of out of the box accuracy
  • Automatic vendor identification

Automatic Learning

  • Learns from users' corrections
  • Improves accuracy significantly
  • Easy to implement user verification feedback loop

Image Cleanup

  • Automatic color and bitonal image cleanup
  • Improves invoice data accuracy on low quality images

Image Load, Save, and Manipulation
FormSuite for Invoices includes ImagXpress Professional (full product description) for image viewing, compression, conversion, thumbnail images, image processing and editing, TWAIN scanning, annotation, and printing

Supports reading from numerous file types:

  • BMP (Microsoft Windows Bitmap)
  • DOCX (Office Open XML Word format)
  • JPEG (JPEG File Interchange format)
  • Adobe PDF
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • TIFF (Tag Image File Format)

Sample Apps
The FSInvoices Demo sample demonstrates how to setup FormSuite for Invoices, load files, process them, and validate the results. The source code is included to help SDK users get a quick start developing their own applications.