GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET について


GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET helps you build apps that let end users generate business documents, such as NDAs, sales quotes and employment applications on the fly without having to enter data into document templates manually.

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET Features

  • Seamlessly Create Word and PDF Documents from Templates - GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET is a lightweight library that lets you generate documents by automatically filling out PDF and Word templates with the data obtained from user input or a Database. The library is created based on the GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud app and allows you to seamlessly incorporate that functionality into your own ASP.NET/C# apps.
  • How Does It Work? - First, you prepare a Word or PDF template with merge fields. Then, you create a questionnaire associated with the fields and embed it to a web-page or an ASP.NET app. For each completed questionnaire, a new documented is created that looks like the original template, but filled in with custom data.
  • Generate Any Type of Documents - GroupDocs.Assembly is a convenient solution for creating documents that have standard templates and need to be filled out with custom data. This could be invoices, insurance policies, bills, order quotes, legal documents and any other forms. The templates and output documents can be either in a DOC/DOCX or PDF format.
  • Wizard-like User Interface - The library comes with a web UI that can be customized and integrated into your own ASP.NET / C# app. It lets end users assemble documents without any assistance from developers. Simple wizards make it easy to prepare templates, publish questionnaires and manage finished documents. Try the app yourself to see how this works.