ImageGear for C and C++ for Mac について

Mac OSXアプリケーションに画像処理機能を簡単に追加

お使いのMac OSXアプリケーションに簡単にイメージング機能を追加できます。ImageGear Professional for Mac OS X はImageGear Medical DICOMの画像閲覧や処理機能を含むコアのImageGear Professionalのすべてのツールに加え、簡単操作の評価管理するためのユーティリティ、ツールキット、およびランタイム展開ライセンスが含まれています。新しいリリースでは、v10.7(Lion)、v10.8(Mountain Lion)とv10.9(Marvericks)を含むすべての最新の64ビットOS Xのバージョンをサポートしています。ImageGear Professional SDK for Mac OSXは、アプリケーションに高性能イメージングを簡単に追加することができるツールのスイートです。ImageGearは、高性能カスタム画像処理アプリケーションを作成することを可能にする、すべてのイメージング機能の唯一のソースです。

Compression & File Formats

  • Load and save over 100 image, graphic, and document formats, including raster and vector images, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, TIFF, CAD, ABIC Check Imaging, JPEG XR, and the latest Camera RAW formats.
  • For complete DICOM file support, see ImageGear Medical.
  • Access and control compression parameters for each image type.
  • Read and modify metadata such as TIFF tags and EXIF data.

Raster Formats:

  • Easily convert between raster image formats (TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, etc.).
  • Quickly convert images into one format for consistent viewing.
  • Build applications to convert between formats, or to change bit depths, color palettes, and encoding options.

Vector Formats:

  • Read, render, and write vector files such as PDF, CAD, SVG, and XPS in their native formats.

Extensive PDF/PS Support:

  • Read, write, display, and edit PDF, PDF/A, PostScript, EPS, and U3D files.
  • Comprehensive PDF API built on Adobe® technology.
  • Read, modify, and write PDF annotations, bookmarks, and metadata.
  • Analyze for PDF/A and PDF/X compliance.

Configurable File Loading and Saving:

  • Ensures standards compliance when writing files, with flexible settings.
  • Quickly access any page of multi-page files.
  • Fast TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, MO:DCA compression and decompression.


  • Easy-to-implement UI elements for marking up images.
  • Mark up any image with Text Note, Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Ellipse, Highlight, Protractor, Ruler, and other annotations.
  • Build collaboration workflows allowing each person to attach comments to images as they are viewed.
  • Can Burn-in annotations, such as for permanent Redaction of sensitive information.

Document Image Processing & Editing

  • Correct scanning and faxing issues using Despeckle and Deskew.
  • Image manipulation, including: Crop, Resize, Rotate, Negate.

Image Viewing & Display

  • Build Windows-based viewers using ActiveX controls or DLLs, use shared libraries for Linux, and Unix applications, or frameworks for Mac OS X applications.
  • Rapidly add advanced viewing features into your applications.
  • Anti-Aliasing and Smoothing for clear display of color and black and white images.
  • Thumbnail creation for easy navigation of folders and multi-page files.
  • Includes common dialogs for image loading, saving, processing, and more.

Image Editing:

  • Image manipulation, such as Crop, Resize, Thumbnail creation, Encryption, and Decryption.
  • Image Transformation, such as Rotate, Crop, Resize, and conversion.
  • Access and write IPTC and EXIF metadata.
  • Area Detection and Processing, using a predefined or custom pixel-checking method.
  • Region of Interest (ROI) permits specification of an area to include or exclude from image processing.
  • Dither and Halftone methods optimize image size and quality.

Color Processing:

  • Advanced image processing methods, such as Adjust Brightness and Contrast, Automatic Tone and Gamma correction.
  • ICC color profiles allow accurate color display.
  • Pantone channels deliver spot color display and control.
  • Modify photos with Filters such as Sharpen, Smooth, and Edge detect.
  • Apply dozens of Effects, including: Perspec-tive, Emboss, Drop Shadows, Posterize, Aging, Motion, Texture, Lighting, Vignettes, etc.
  • Alpha Channel allows elements from two images to be selectively combined.


  • Provides program control over printing functions.
  • Overcomes inherent print driver limitations, optimizing print quality.
  • Control sizing, color correction, and pagination.
  • Build custom printing dialogs.