InstallShield Professional について


InstallShield Premier Edition を使用すると、柔軟性に優れたインストール作業をあらゆる Windows OS にわたり迅速かつ容易に作成可能。InstallShield Professional を使用することで、はじめて作業する開発者はインストールの作成が容易であることがわかります。またパワー ユーザーは、複雑なソフトウェアのインストール作業を開発する上で、その能力の奥深さと柔軟性が完全なものであることがわかります。また InstallShield は、Visual Studio、.NET Framework、MSBuild、DirectX をはじめとする Microsoft 社の最新製品もサポートしています。

InstallShield Professional Features

Create Professional Installations

  • MSIX – Modification Packages
  • MSIX – Support for MSIX Core
  • Pure 64 installers
  • AWS CloudHSM-based Digital Signing
  • Simplified Builds Within Docker
  • Automated Patch Design
  • Create Windows® Installer (MSI) Installations
  • Create Windows Installer Major and Minor Upgrades
  • Create Windows Installer Patches (MSP) Limited
  • Create native MSIX packages
  • Easily convert any MSI file into an MSIX package
  • Create and Edit Windows Installer Transforms (MST)
  • Robust Transform Projects Support. Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2017 Integration
  • Create Windows Server App Packages (WSA) from MSI Projects
  • Create InstallScript (Setup.exe) Installations
  • Multi-Instance Product Installations
  • Upgrade Multi-instance Installations
  • Check for the Latest Version of a Setup Any Time an Installation is Run
  • Advanced UI Editor
  • Windows Installer Dialog Editor
  • End-User Dialog Themes for Windows Installer-Based Projects - Limited
  • Custom Windows 10 Tiles
  • Billboard Support for Custom Branding
  • Support for HTML Controls on InstallScript Dialogs
  • One-Click Installations from the Web
  • DLL, EXE, VBScript, and JScript Custom Actions
  • PowerShell Custom Actions
  • Managed-Code Custom Actions

Develop Using Best Practices

  • Mapped MSI Table Relationships
  • Windows Logo Validation Testing
  • Include Microsoft® System Center 2012 Configuration Manager App Model Metadata for Enterprise Deployments
  • Support for Microsoft® Certificate Requirements including SHA 1 and SHA-256
  • Design DPI-Aware Installations
  • Designer to create a fresh, modern look

Develop and Deploy Globally

  • Unicode Support in Most InstallShield Views

Support the Latest Platforms

  • Support for Microsoft® Windows® 10,  Windows® 8.1, Windows Server® 2016  and Windows Server® 2019
  • Create Pure 64-Bit Installations (Windows Installer)
  • Install 64-bit Applications (Windows Installer)
  • Install 64-bit Applications (InstallScript)
  • Install Windows Device Drivers Using DIFx 2.1.1

Create Installations for Web and Multi-tier Applications

  • Support for .NET Framework 4.5 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Deploy Databases to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Deploy Databases to Microsoft Azure SQL Databases
  • Deploy Databases to Oracle
  • Deploy Databases to MySQL
  • Database Import Wizard
  • Deploy Websites to IIS 8 with SSL Certificates Limited
  • IIS Web Services Support
  • IIS Tools for Web Apps - Limited
  • XML File Updating
  • Configure Windows Users and Groups

Save Time and Develop Efficiently

  • Identify what existing InstallShield projects require change to meet Microsoft MSIX standards
  • Automation Interface for Advanced UI and Suite/Advanced UI Projects
  • Monitor for COM Extraction (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Registry-Free COM Registration (Application Manifests)
  • COM+ Support
  • Library of Redistributable Prerequisites for Windows Installer Installations
  • Library of Redistributable Prerequisites for InstallScript Installations
  • Associate Prerequisites with Features
  • Prerequisite Editor
  • Upgrade Installation Project Files from Any Previous Version of InstallShield
  • Local Repositories to Share Dialogs, Scripts and Templates Across Multiple Projects
  • Reusable Project Templates
  • Static and Dynamic File Dependency Scanners
  • LZX Compression Option (Windows Installer Projects)
  • Display Installation Progress on the Taskbar
  • Easily Edit Installation Strings
  • Specify Custom Icon and Version Resource Properties Partial
  • Support for Restart Manager
  • Virtual Machine Detection
  • Easily Edit XML Files During Installation
  • Easily Edit Text Files on the Destination Machine During Installation
  • Easily Create System Searches Limited
  • Mark Files for Deletion as Part of an Installation Through Interaction with  MSI RemoveFiles Action
  • Set Windows Permissions
  • Enforce End User License Agreement (EULA) Reading Before Installing
  • Print the End User License Agreement while Installing the Application
  • Call .NET Assemblies from InstallScript
  • Command-Line Builder
  • Complete Project Debugging
  • File Dependency Scanning
  • MSI Log Analyzer
  • Source Code Control Integration
  • Save InstallShield Projects as XML
  • MSI Difference Checking
  • Detailed Build Reports
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server Integration
  • Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) Support
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio® Integration
  • InstallShield Standalone Build - 1 License