PDF to Excel SDK について


PDF2Excel SDK from Investintech can be integrated into your projects quickly and conveniently by using the native C and COM interfaces, or .NET, Python, Java, C++, or C APIs. The command line tool (CLT) provides means for a quick single or multiple conversion of PDF files to Microsoft Excel, with the option to define page range, specify passwords, and much more. It supports XLSX, XLS, CSV, ODS output formats with full Excel output customization through conversion templates. PDF2Excel SDK has cross-platform support for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Investintech.com Inc. offers programmers and system administrators an SDK for complete or partial PDF document conversion to Microsoft Excel, ensured by two decades of experience in developing efficient and accurate PDF conversion solutions. First year support and maintenance is included. The PDF to Excel Software Development Kit (SDK) is a collection of methods compiled, linked and stored in a dynamic-link library (DLL) file required for PDF to Excel application development.

PDF2Excel SDK features the following capabilities:

  • Command Line Programming Interface.
  • Quick file conversion.
  • Native support for batch conversions (sh, cmd, bash).
  • Output file format customization (xlsx, xls, odt, csv).
  • Precise formatting options.
  • Using template files (Able2Extract Professional required - special pricing for SDK users).
  • Native Library with C-compatible interface.
  • C++11 Proxy Library.
  • C#.Net Proxy Library.
  • Java 8 Proxy Library (compatible with Java 8+).
  • Python Proxy Module.
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, macOS).

There are four possible output formats for conversions:

  • XLSX - Microsoft Excel 2007 and later spreadsheet.
  • XLS - Microsoft Excel 2.0 spreadsheet.
  • DSV - Delimiter separated value (also as CSV).
  • ODS - Open/Libre Office Calc 3.0 Spreadsheet.

The SDK comes with a console application with a command line tool (CLT) interface allowing for quick testing of engine capabilities through your favorite command line interface (CLI). Versatility of the CLT product allows for automation through the integration using scripting languages batch, sh, bash, PowerShell, VBS and others.

For more control and best utilization of the engines, a native library (C/C++ DLL module) is provided with an easy-to-use API ensuring fast integration into existing projects.

Proxy libraries for the most popular programming languages and frameworks (Python, Java, .Net, etc), as well as sample files - pre configured examples of how to call library functionalities and implement them for an accelerated delivery are also included.

Application Programming Interfaces (API) are available for Linux, Windows, and Mac.