Medialooks Video Transport

Medialooks Video Transport makes NDI or SDI sources instantly available at remote locations around the world. Instead of having a production truck travel to every college sports game, connect to the cameras remotely and produce from the comfort of your studio; saving on travel costs and making your process more efficient. Video Transport's point-to-point streaming solution works seamlessly over public Internet and does not require any dedicated infrastructure, you'll have your link set up and running in a matter of minutes with almost no latency and low CPU usage.

We've experienced reliable transmission over 8992 km, and it was faster than the alternatives. The product is very easy to use, keeps a stable connection over hours; and Medialooks provides great support. 1 year ago I would never think about a solution like this one: it is a real alternative to common encoders and it is the next level of NDI.

Jan Schäfer - Upstream Media

Stream NDI or SDI over the Internet

  • Publish
    • Launch the "Publisher" app in network A.
    • The app will show a list of available NDI and SDI streams.
    • Select the streams to publish and click "Start Publishing".
    • Make a note of the "Publisher ID".
  • Receive
    • Launch the "Receiver" application in network B.
    • Enter the "Publisher ID" and click "Connect".
    • The app will now list the feeds that had been published from network A.
    • Select the "Output type" and click "Start Output".
    • Enjoy!

Video Transport Key Features...


Medialooks Video Transport v1.5
Medialooks Video Transport v1.5
SRTプロトコルをデフォルトで優先、前方誤り訂正(Forward Error Correction:FEC)機能を追加して信頼性を向上
Medialooks Video Transport v1.2
Medialooks Video Transport v1.2
Video TransportのアプリをAmazon Web Servicesに送信可能
Medialooks Video Transport v1.1.0.x
Medialooks Video Transport v1.1.0.x
Webカメラの撮影開始時の解像度をデフォルトで最大に設定、Google Chromeでプレビュー可能
Medialooks Video Transport v1.0.6.376
Medialooks Video Transport v1.0.6.376
NDI PTZカメラのコントロールを含む、デコーディングのパフォーマンスを向上
Medialooks Video Transport v1.0.4.348
Medialooks Video Transport v1.0.4.348
Medialooks Video Transport v1.0.3.323
Medialooks Video Transport v1.0.3.323

価格:¥ 159,400 (税抜)〜

One license is required per channel。 For example、 if you license 2 channels、 it means you can concurrently run up to 2 Publishers and 2 Receivers  -  regardless of how they are connected to each other...


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Operating Systems
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012