Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2019

Visual Studio Test Professional provides access to the test hub in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online. Coordinate all test management activities including test planning, authoring, execution, and tracking from a central location. The test hub gives product owners and business analysts critical insight into progress against the defined acceptance criteria and quality metrics.

With a Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN subscription, you get the software and benefits you need to stay up on all things code: including access to core Microsoft software for development and test, monthly cloud credits, collaboration tools, training courses, professional support, and more — the latest and greatest from Microsoft.

Quality at the center of your software development

  • Streamline quality - Integrated test case management, manual and exploratory testing tools
  • Continuous...


Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

価格:¥ 464,600 (税抜)〜

One software license is required per developer。 MSDN Library Subscriptions must be renewed each year to continue to receive updates。 Annual Renewal Licenses are available。 Please Note: This product...


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