.Net Forms Resize について

Visual Studioで開発するアプリケーションに解像度とは独立してサイズ変更する機能を追加

Softgroup .Net Form ResizeはVisual Studio アプリケーションに解像度独立を与える高速で小さく軽量の .NET コンポーネントです。Softgroup .Net Form Resizeは標準のWindows Forms 、子MDIと親MDIフォーム、アプリケーションのDPIの解像度も独立させることのできるDPIAutoResize機能も含んでサポートしています。このリサイズコンポーネントは簡単に1行のコードでフォームに追加できるようににデザインされています。Softgroup .Net Forms Resizeは自動的にすべてのコントロールのサイズを変え、定められたフォントのサイズのまま.net Windows フォームに残すことができます。Visual Studio 2005と2008(VS2005 、 VS2008)と互換性。VB.NET とC# (CSharp)のサンプリングが含んでいます。ソースコードがサイトワイドライセンスに含まれています。すべてのライセンスは12カ月のサブスクリプションを含みます。

Softgroup .Net Forms Resize is a fast, small and lightweight .NET component that gives your applications resolution independence. Softgroup .Net Forms Resize supports standard .Net Windows Forms, MDI child and MDI parent Forms and includes DPIAutoResize feature to make your application DPI resolution independent too. Softgroup .Net Forms Resize automatically resize all controls and fonts contained in a .Net Windows Form as they are sized. Only one line of code is needed in the Form_Load event like this VB.NET example:

Private WithEvents oResize As Softgroup.NetResize

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

oResize = New Softgroup.NetResize(Me)

End Sub

With Softgroup .Net Forms Resize you can:

  • Give your Windows Forms applications resolution independence.
  • Keep your controls font/size proportion whenever your forms are resized
  • Can be easily implemented to already designed forms with 1 line of code
  • Support controls nested inside others
  • Can centerl form over the Desktop or MDI Parent
  • Can save/resotre your form's last size and positions.
  • Resizes fonts as well as the controls themselves
  • Ability to specify whether the fonts of the controls will be resized or not.
  • Control resize of docked controls like ToolStrip and StatusStrip.
  • Support of standard .Net Windows Form, MDI child and MDI parent Forms.
  • Fast, small and accurate resize engine
  • New ExcludedControls collection to easy dynamically exclude controls from resize
  • and/or fonts resize
  • Ability to add automatic resize for vertical, horizontal or font size of special controls
  • properties other than standard properties
  • Supports Microsoft Visual Basic Power Pack controls
  • Ability to select resize mode between Standard and new Advanced (faster)
  • Optimized resize for .Net special controls (MenuStrip, ToolStrip, ToolBar, StatusStrip,
  • StatusBar and BindingNavigator)
  • Easy and complete control over Minimum and Maximum runtime size of form
  • Gradient effects of form background supported also on MDIClient area
  • Automatic or manual FadeIn/FadeOut effects on show/close of form
  • Increased performance of form loading (up to 50%) 
  • Increased performance of engine resize (up to 25%)
  • Enable/Disable resize for any control at design time
  • Enable/Disable resize of font for any control at design time
  • Enable/Disable resize for control's children at design time
  • DPIAutoResize feature to make your application DPI resolution independent