Oxygen PDF Chemistry V21.1

Released: May 23, 2019

V21.1 での更新項目


  • Commercial Version Now Available for Use Outside of Oxygen - With the release of version 21.1, Oxygen PDF Chemistry is no longer in Beta and is now available as a commercial option.
  • Support for CSS Level 3 Functions target-counter and target-counters - The CSS level 3 functions target-counter and target-counters are now fully supported as values for the content property to retrieve counter values and display information obtained from a target at the end of a link.
  • Spaces Collapsed Between Elements That Have and ID Attribute - A problem was fixed where invisible elements with an ID attribute was interfering with the automatic collapsing of block margins.
  • The colspan and rowspan Attributes Work Properly for HTML Tables - A problem was fixed where colspan and rowspan attributes were not working as expected for HTML and XHTML tables.