Oxygen PDF Chemistry V22.0

Released: Feb 12, 2020

V22.0 での更新項目


  • Performance Improvements - Improved the overall performance of the Chemistry processor by up to 20%.
  • Support for PDF Change Bars - It is now possible to display change bars to mark some revised elements in the content. For example, they are useful for flagging new content in a file.
  • Hyphenated Words are Searchable - Hyphenated words are now searchable, and can be copied from a PDF reader and pasted in their original form without the hyphen.
  • CSS Level 3 calc() Function Now Supported - Chemistry now supports the CSS level 3 calc() function. It allows complex computation including arithmetic operators and percentage values.
  • Type1C OTF Fonts Supported - Support was added for rendering Type1C OTF fonts in SVG.
  • Improved Support for CJK Languages - Fallback fonts were added for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) languages.
  • Support for the 'fill' Value for the 'width' Property - Support was added for the fill value for the width property. It can be used to fill the entire available width in table cells.
  • Support for '-oxy-first-line' Value for the 'alignment-baseline' CSS Property - Using this extension, you can align the text between inline blocks using their first lines instead of the last line (which is the default).
  • Add Links to the Page Margin Boxes - It is also possible to add a link inside the document header (or footer) by using the -oxy-link property on the @page margin box declaration.
  • Improved Text Wrapping - Some text wrapping issues were fixed for inline elements inside codeblocks.
  • Component Update: Apache FOP 2.4 - Updated Apache FOP to version 2.4.
  • Component Update: Apache Batik 1.12 - Updated the Apache Batik SVG toolkit to version 1.12.