Oxygen XML Web Author V21.1

Released: May 23, 2019

V21.1 での更新項目



  • This release makes the generated Web Author compliant with the Section 508 accessibility standard, making it accessible for everyone, including those with physical challenges and disabilities.
  • Numerous Accessibility Features Added - Numerous features were added for accessibility compliance, including improved keyboard interaction with the editor, and new shortcuts such as Ctrl+F6 and Ctrl+Shift+F6 to move focus among the editor's main regions. Not only does this make the editor accessible, but it also makes all users more productive by removing the need to use the mouse.
  • Editor is Compatible with Screen Readers - The editor was improved to be compatible with screen readers.
  • Accessibility Optimization Mode - An option was added in the editor's Preferences dialog box that can be selected to optimize the editor for accessibility.


  • Document Preview Added in Reuse Content and Cross Reference Dialog Boxes - When inserting content references, or cross references, the dialog boxes now include a preview pane so that you can see exactly what is being referenced.

Customization and Administration

  • Option to Control Default Set of Characters Displayed When Inserting Special Characters - In the built-in character picker plugin (UTF-8 Char Picker) found in the Plugins tab of the Administration page, you now have the ability to control the default set of characters that will appear when a user inserts special characters.
  • Support for Backup License Server - The License section in the Administration page now offers the ability to specify and configure a backup license server.
  • Plugin for Manual Spell Checking - A new plugin (web-author-spelling-dialog-plugin) is available that provides a toolbar button for doing a manual spell check.


  • :before and :after Pseudo-Elements Supported - CSS pseudo-elements (:before and :after) are now supported in processing instructions and comments.
  • Performance Improvements - Various performance improvements were made for Edge and Firefox browsers.


  • Non-persistent Highlights - The sync.api.HighlightsManager API can be used to add highlights in the document and it follows the text as the document is being edited. A similar API is available in Java: ro.sync.ecss.extensions.api.highlights.AuthorHighlighter.
  • Add Custom View in Left Side-Panel - When using the ViewManager API to customize the side views, the installView method now supports an optional parameter (opt_side) that can be used to specify which side (left or right) the view will be displayed in Web Author.
  • Distinguish Between Manual and Automatic Saves - An API was added for integrators to make it possible to distinguish between a user-initiated manual save and an automatic save.
  • Customize the Order of Elements Listed in the Content Completion Assistant - A new ContentCompletionSortPriorityAssigner API allows you to customize the order of the elements presented by the Content Completion Assistant by increasing their priority values.

Component Updates

  • Component Update: Apache Tomcat 9.0.19 - Updated Apache Tomcat in the installers to version 9.0.19.
  • Component Update: WildFly 16.0.0.Final - Updated the supported WildFly version to 16.0.0.Final.