PACE Suite(英語版)

PACE Suite is an all-in-one packaging solution that facilitates the fast deployment of projects of all sizes. Suitable for freelancers, enterprise IT departments, and large development companies alike, it provides the tools needed to create software packages and manage future updates with ease. The intuitive interface and a number of helpful wizards makes packaging as simple as possible, while still providing a full set of advanced features. PACE Suite editions have a friendly per-engineer licensing model, which allows you to keep costs low. PACE Suite is always up to date with 2 new major versions every year. PACE Suite consists of MSI Generator, MSI Editor, Quality Approver and DOCU Generator.

With PACE you can:

  • Repackage any installation into a pure Windows Installer (MSI, MST), MSIX/AppX or Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) and VMware Application Virtualization (ThinApp) packages.
  • Create and edit virtual (App-V, ThinApp) packages.
  • Create and edit Windows Installer (MSI) packages, Transforms (MST) for customizing packages and Patch (MSP) packages for delivering application updates.
  • Publish packages to Microsoft SCCM servers.
  • Automate routine packaging tasks by running...


PACE Suite 5.5
PACE Suite 5.5
PACE Suite 5.4
PACE Suite 5.4
PACE Suite 5.3
PACE Suite 5.3
PACE Suite 5.2
PACE Suite 5.2
PACE Suite 5.1
PACE Suite 5.1
PACE Suite 5.0
PACE Suite 5.0

価格:¥ 318,800 (税抜)〜

One software license is required per user。 One person can use a license on multiple machines、 including virtual ones。 Every PACE Suite license includes 1 year of maintenance for free。 Maintenance can...


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