pCloudy is a Cloud based Mobile App testing platform with more than 50,000 users across the globe. pCloudy is a single platform to offer full life cycle application testing for organizations from SMB to large enterprises to run tests on public, private cloud as well as on premise devices. Quality Engineering teams can run AI powered exploratory tests to automatically test the mobile applications over hundreds of real mobile devices and gives its users real time insights into the app behavior and performance. pCloudy supports Continuous development and testing of mobile apps through popular collaborative tools like JIRA and SLACK to deliver high-quality applications.

pCloudy is one of the easiest Android testing services I've used, the session video feature allows us to quickly verify or share issues with our team and testing on actual devices provides peace of mind.

Mark Cracknell, Director, Binary Studio

Access 500+ Android and iOS devices using pCloudy Public Cloud. Or, set up your own Private Cloud or On-Premise Lab to achieve unlimited scale.

pCloudy is a cloud based Unified App Testing Platform trusted by testers, QAs and developers in bettering the quality of apps, time-to-market and customer experiences. It is a full life-cycle app testing platform that focuses on developing cutting-edge features to simplify app testing and accelerate app deliveries. Manual, automation, crowd or bot tests...


pCloudy v5.5
pCloudy v5.5
音声対応アプリをデバイスでテストする機能を追加、Android 10デバイスとiPhone 11(iOS 13)デバイスをサポート
pCloudy v5.4
pCloudy v5.4
pCloudy v5.2
pCloudy v5.2
iOSのFace IDとTouch IDを使用するアプリをテスト可能、ステージングサーバーでのテストを簡単にする新しい機能を追加
pCloudy v5.1
pCloudy v5.1

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pCloudy Public Cloud Subscription Plans are licensed per user、 per year。 To continue to use the service after the 1st year you will need to purchase a 1 year subscription renewal。 Each plan is...


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