PDF Library SDK(英語版)

PDF Library SDK includes numerous interface functions for transforming and creating new content for PDF files, providing a huge variety of options and broad flexibility. It comes as a multi-platform shared library (DLL, SO and DYLIB ) with C-compatible interface. C#.Net, Python, Java 8, C++ 11, libraries/modules. APIs for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Efficient utilization of multi-core CPUs for stream decoding and content rendering purposes achieved by closely following Portable Document Format specification guidelines.

PDF Library SDK Features

  • Undo/redo functionality - virtually unlimited number of document state snapshots.
  • Digital signatures verification.
  • Apply electronic signatures - with or without cryptographic security layer.
  • PDF encryption and decryption - a password-based encryption handler.
  • Document structure manipulation - create, delete, move, insert, extract, resize, and rotate pages.
  • Configurable rendering for page, content object, annotation, and form field widgets.
  • Add and edit text, bitmap and...


PDF Library SDKがリリースされました
PDF Library SDKがリリースされました
The PDF Library SDK is licensed as a Developer license (for internal corporate usage only) and OEM license。 A Developer License allows the deployment of the licensed software to one (1) client...


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  • Native libraries (DLL, SO and DYLIB modules, with C compatible interface)