PDF Xpansion SDK - PDF Viewer(英語版)

The PDF Xpansion SDK - PDF Viewer is a powerful component to seamlessly implement modern document viewing functionality into Business-to-Business, Business-to-Government and Business-to-Consumer applications for UWP apps and desktop programs.

It was mainly due to the seamless ease of integration into our existing systems, that we eventually opted for the PDF Xpansion library and its modules.

Peter Vetter, Department for Application Development at HUK Coburg Insurance Group

The PDF Viewer is composed of components of the PDF Xpansion SDK. It comes with several platform-oriented implementation alternatives for a document viewer. Using these implementations, you can quickly and easily integrate powerful PDF viewers into your application. You can also display your documents in your own structure and layout using these viewer implementations. The component is a window or control (depending on the development platform) that displays PDF documents.

The Viewer loads a...


PDF Xpansion SDK - PDF Viewer 15
PDF Xpansion SDK - PDF Viewer 15
PDF Xpansion SDK - PDF Viewer 14.2.4
PDF Xpansion SDK - PDF Viewer 14.2.4
ZUGFeRD 2.1と2.0、Factur-X、XRechnungのEU仕様に準拠した請求書作成用APIを追加
PDF Xpansion SDK - PDF Viewer 14
PDF Xpansion SDK - PDF Viewer 14

価格:¥ 520,520 (税込)〜

One software license is required per company location。 Runtime Royalty Free。 License Example 1: A customer with five developers and two company locations worldwide (location 1: software development...


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