PDFView4NET Full .NET Edition について


PDFView4NETは.NET アプリケーションで PDF ファイルを表示、プリントすることための.NET ツールキットです。O2 Solutions PDFView4NET は、どんな .NET アプリケーションからでも PDF ファイルを生成し、そしてプリントするための、 Windows Forms と .NET ライブラリのために PDF ビューアーコントロールを含みます。PDF viewer control for Windows FormsはPDF ファイルへアノテーションの追加、ブックマークナビゲーション、添付ファイルの追加、削除等の機能のサポートを含んでいます。O2S PDFView4NET はそれ自身の PDF レンダリングエンジンを含みます。そしてそれは PDF ファイルを生成し、プリントするための他のいかなるソフトウェアにも頼りません。O2S PDFView4NET ツールキットが C# 100% マネージドコードで開発されました。すべての PDFView4NET アップグレード、 PDFView4NET 更新と1年に対するプライオリティサポートを得るために1年のサポートサブスクリプションで PDFView4NET を買ってください。O2S PDFView4NET はランタイムロイヤリティフリーです。PDFView4NET サブスクリプションリニューアルも利用可能です。

PDFView4NET .NET Full Edition includes both WPF and Windows Forms Editions
PDFView4NET .NET Full Edition is a .NET toolkit for displaying and printing PDF files in .NET applications. It includes a PDF viewer control for Windows Forms/WPF and a .NET library for rendering and printing PDF files from any .NET application. The PDF viewer control for Windows Forms includes support for annotating PDF files, bookmarks navigation, adding and removing file attachments and other features.

  • PDFView4NET .NET Full Edition includes its own PDF rendering engine and it does not rely on any other software for rendering and printing PDF files.
  • PDFView4NET .NET Full Edition toolkit has been developed entirely in C#, and is 100% managed code.

PDFView4NET .NET Full provides support for the following features when displaying and printing PDF files:

PDF Rendering:

  • Separate class library for converting PDF files to images and for printing PDF files to any Windows printer without any user interface
  • Render PDF files to BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF or any System.Drawing.Graphics object
  • Render PDF files to multipage B/W TIFF with CCITT FAX compression
  • Filters and compression: FlateDecode, LZWDecode, ASCII85Decode, ASCIIHexDecode, DCTDecode, CCITTFaxDecode, JPXDecode, JBIG2Decode.
  • Images: RAW, CCITT, DCT, JPEG 2000, JBIG2, Inline, Soft masks, Image masks, Chroma key masks
  • Fonts: standard PDF fonts, embedded fonts, CID keyed fonts, TrueType fonts, Type 1 fonts (CFF and Postscript)
  • Colorspaces: DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK, DeviceGray, CalGray, CalRGB, Lab, ICC, Separation, DeviceN
  • Printing: print to any Windows printer, print page content and/or annotations and/or form fields, auto-rotate and center, print custom page range, multiple print scaling options, print multiple pages per sheet

PDF View controls:

  • All the above rendering features
  • 6 controls: document, pages viewer, bookmarks viewer, page thumbnails viewer, annotations viewer and attachments viewer
  • Navigation: zoom (absolute, fit width, fit height, fit visible, zoom in, zoom out, dynamic zoom, marquee zoom), rotate pages,  PDFBookmarksView control for displaying bookmarks and navigating within the document, PDFPageThumbnailView control for displaying page thumbnails and navigating within the document, active links, multiple page display layouts
  • Annotations: display all annotations, standard and owner draw annotation tooltips, popup windows, add/edit text, free text, ellipse, file attachment, ink, line, link, rectangle, stamp, highlight, strikeout and underline annotations, active links to other pages or web, PDFAnnotationsView control for displaying all the annotations in a document
  • Forms: user interactive form design, add, edit and remove form fields, user interactive form filling with support for saving filled forms; textbox, checkbox, radio button, pushbutton, dropdown list and list box fields.
  • Text: extract text from pages, search text and highlight search results, select and copy text.
  • Document attachments: add/edit/delete file attachments, PDFFileAttachmentsView control for displaying all the attachments in a document  
  • Save the modified files to file or stream