PICTools Medical について


PICTools Medical SDK provides access to commercially-supported software development libraries to gain industry-leading medical image compression capabilities. PICTools lossless JPEG addresses the medical industry’s need for non-destructive compression, and is ideal for cardiology and ultrasound applications. Support is offered for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, AIX, and Solaris.

PICTools Medical Features

JPEG 2000

    • File Format and Codestream – Part 1
      • Continuous tone compression (1-bit to 24-bit)
      • Provides lossy and lossless compression
    • 3D Volumetric Encoding – Part 2
      • Compress and decompress in accordance with the DICOM standard
      • Supports both lossy and lossless modes, JPEG 2000 raw codestream, and JPX format
      • Supports 24-bit RGB, 8 to 16-bit grayscale
    • Multithreading
      • User-configurable number of threads to optimize performance on multicore CPUs
    • JPIP – Part 9
      • Design and build a JPEG 2000 JPIP implementation
      • Speed up network viewing of user selectable resolutions and areas of interest
      • Provides JPIP APIs for client and server, JPEG 2000 compliant compression and decompression, and JPIP request and receive
      • The PICTools JPIP libraries were used to create many of the image streams in the ISO Part 4 interoperability reference test suite
    • Transcoder
      • Allows many operations without decompressing and recompressing images, eliminating generational loss
      • Change the number of layers, file size, compression rate, overall quality, convert lossless to lossy, re-encode for JPIP transmission, and extract encoded thumbnails

Lossless JPEG

  • Addresses the medical industry’s need for non-destructive compression 
  • Provides fast compression for video performance 
  • Is ideal for cardiology and ultrasound applications
  • Supports 24-bit RGB, 8 to 16-bit grayscale data

Lossy JPEG

  • Complete control over luminance, chrominance, and subsampling compression parameters
  • High-speed 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 thumbnail decompression support
  • Enhanced decompression minimizes JPEG block artifacts
  • CMYK, YUV, RGB, 8-bit, and 12-bit grayscale support


  • Provides excellent lossless or constrained-loss compression performance
  • Decompression support for non-standard, improperly compressed JLS images
  • Supports single component 2 to 16-bit grayscale images
  • Supports multiple component 24-bit (RGB) images


  • Provides support for fully standards based JPEG XR
  • Supports multiple subsampling settings, including familiar medical settings of 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 with cosited and centered options
  • A still image compression algorithm for continuous tone photographic images
  • Features lossy and lossless compression, multiple colorspaces, a wide dynamic range, and extensive metadata support
  • Performance optimized

Medical Image Processing & Editing

  • Overlap filter options
  • Post processing filter strength settings
  • Embedded orientation flags
  • Metadata support
  • Tiling
  • Subband control
  • Buffer to buffer image processing for maximum flexibility
  • The high-performance API offers total control of image processing functions