Remotely Support Platform

Remotely Support Platform is a self-hosted, subscription-free, remote support solution for managing, monitoring and supporting remote computers and devices. For organizations and businesses that provide I.T. support, or who need to remotely monitor, access and manage collections of PCs, Remotely provides a cost effective solution that runs on your own server. No ongoing charges or subscriptions. Ideal for IT support companies, schools and businesses. Remotely provides remote monitoring, management and access to your remote computers, background maintenance, scripting and more.

  • Support, access, monitor and manage computers, workstations and devices within your organization or client base using your own, hosted support platform. Whether you support dozens or hundreds/thousands of computers, Remotely provides quick and easy access and monitoring.
  • Simply install the server component on a permanently available PC or server and install the client on the PCs / workstations you want to access/manage/monitor. Run the Technician Console to access those PCs.
  • Remotely provides...


Remotely Support Platformがリリースされました
Remotely Support Platformがリリースされました

価格:¥ 80,190 (税込)〜

One software license is required per concurrent support session。 All licenses include 12 months support and updates (minor)。 Purchase your license for a one-off outright cost。 There are no ongoing...


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Remotely Support Software
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Application Type
  • Microsoft Windows XP+
  • Linux
  • Apple Macs OS X