Sencha GXT のリリース

Released: Jan 1, 2021

4.1.x での更新項目


Updated Jan 1, 2021


  • Upgraded support for GWT 2.9.0.
  • Upgraded support for Java 11.
  • Adds Maven migration from Artifactory to Sencha MyGet.

Users may be required to update other libraries to work with Java 11 and GWT 2.9.0.


  • Fixed Archetypes.

Released: Mar 16, 2018

4.0.x での更新項目


Updated Nov 19, 2020


  • HboxLayoutContainer UiBinder exception.
  • Grid inline editing, tab does not finish editing.
  • GridInline Editing doesn't allow row selection.
  • Neptune TextField height is off using -4px bottom margin.
  • BorderLayoutContainer setFloatable(false) does not work.
  • Combo list container stays open on scrolling, when scrolling on the trigger.
  • Grid selection change doesn't fire on edge.
  • Grid click/tap RowExpander doesn't work on edge.
  • Tree treeSelectionModel set a second time...