Solutions Schedule for WPF

Solutions Schedule for WPF is a comprehensive control for managing and presenting enterprise information in Gantt style presentations - plan, schedule, optimize multiple resources over any period of time - designed for Visual Studio. Enabling developers to create fully functional Resource Gantt, Planning and Scheduling solutions in minutes using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (and later) IDE's.

Solutions Schedule for WPF has an optimized architecture and design making this control perfectly suited for the most demanding applications, handling thousands of activities, resources, constraints and reservations. Solutions Schedule for WPF is designed for every industry in which valuable resources, including people, machines and raw materials, need to be scheduled and planned.

dbiScheduleWPF.dll helps developers build the perfect front ends for desktop and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in...


DBI Technologies - スペシャルオファー
DBI Technologies - スペシャルオファー

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