SQL Admin Toolset について


SQL Admin Toolsetは、監視、トラブルシューティング、管理、SQL Serverに報告するための25の必須デスクトップツールのセットです。数時間から数分へ管理作業を軽減し、カス​​タムスクリプトの開発、テストおよび保守に費やす時間を排除できます。SQL Admin Toolsetは、SQL Serverデータベース管理者の生活を楽にするための診断、分析および管理ツールが含まれています。

SQL Admin Toolset simplifies day-to-day SQL administration tasks.

  • 25 essential desktop tools for your everyday SQL Server needs
  • Run every day diagnostics across multiple SQL Servers
  • Complete administrative tasks in minutes, not hours
  • Perform analysis on your SQL data

Diagnostics Tools

  • SQL Backup Status - Check whether your databases are backed up
  • SQL Search - Search for text anywhere you have SQL code (stored procedures, functions, triggers etc..)
  • SQL Object Search - Find objects by name anywhere they are hiding in your SQL Servers
  • SQL Discovery - Find the SQL Servers lurking on your network
  • SQL Password Checker - Check the strength of your SQL Server passwords
  • SQL Connection Check - Diagnose connection problems, quickly determine why users can’t reach your SQL Servers

Administration Tools

  • SQL Multi Query - Execute and manage queries across multiple SQL Servers
  • SQL Database Mover - Move or copy a database and associated logins across servers or relocate data files
  • SQL Login Copy - Copy server logins across SQL Servers
  • SQL User Clone - Create a new user using an existing user as a template
  • SQL Job Mover - Move and copy between servers
  • SQL Job Editor - View and edit jobs across multiple SQL Servers
  • SQL Quick Reindex - Quickly review and rebuild the indexes on your SQL Servers
  • SQL Server Configuration - Compare and edit server configuration for one or more SQL Servers
  • SQL Database Configuration - Compare and edit database configuration for one or more databases
  • SQL Partition Generator - View existing partition information and generate new partitions
  • SQL Connection String Generator - Wade the multitude of options for connection strings and create your own in seconds
  • SQL Table Pin - View and manage the pinned status of your tables (SQL Server 2000 and earlier only)
  • SQL ServerLinked Copy Tool - Quickly and easily copies linked servers from one server to another

Analytics Tools

  • SQL Inventory Reporter - Get a list of everything important about your SQL Servers, including version, hardware and more
  • SQL Patch Analyzer - Report and analyze your SQL Server version levels
  • SQL Index Analyzer - Analyze your indexes for usage patterns and sizes. Determine if you need more, less etc…
  • SQL Space Analyzer - Analyze space utilization of your SQL Server by drive or database
  • SQL Server Statistics - View loads of statistics about your SQL Server
  • SQL Server Ping - Keep a constant eye on the status of your SQL Servers