SQLBackupAndFTP のリリース

Released: May 21, 2021

12.5.12 での更新項目


  • Restore backups from 7-zip archive volumes.

Released: May 18, 2021

12.5.11 での更新項目


  • Added the ability to backup to a Google Drive shared folder.
  • Updated job log.
  • Updated Rebex assemblies for the FTP/SFTP destination.
  • Updated external console app handler.


  • Content-MD5 HTTP header is required for Put Object requests with Object Lock parameters for Amazon S3 bucket.

Released: Apr 8, 2021

12.5.5 での更新項目


  • Added the ability to backup databases with the same name in different backup jobs at the same time.
  • Added support for phpMyAdmin v5.1+.


  • Remove a job's temporary folder when the job is deleted.
  • Remove temporary folder for all jobs when changing the app's temporary folder.
  • "Unknown job type" error.
  • Suspended 7-zip process when compressing a backup file with a specified password.

Released: Mar 20, 2021

12.5.2 での更新項目


  • Blink effect when S3 Compatible destination settings window opens.
  • Selecting default backup folder for a job with MySQL Server (TCP/IP)/PostgreSQL Server connection type.

Released: Mar 16, 2021

12.5.0 での更新項目


  • Added the ability to log shipping jobs in a SQL database.
  • Added "Keep files local" option for restore jobs.
  • Added server option for MySQL Server (phpMyAdmin) DBMS connection.
  • Improved search procedure for Dropbox and Box destinations.


  • Duplicate SQL statement "CREATE USER" during SQL Server scripting execution.
  • Uploading to Google Drive destination with correct content-type value.

Released: Dec 1, 2020

12.4.14 での更新項目


  • Fixed: Null reference exception on FTP destination test.
  • Fixed: Null reference exception on sending a job email report.

Released: Nov 26, 2020

12.4.12 での更新項目


  • Updated: Force network folder connection after 'The specified network password is not correct' error.
  • Updated: Dropbox file search uses new API requests. Starting on 02/28/2021, the deprecated file search methods will be retired.

Released: Oct 29, 2020

12.4.10 での更新項目


  • Updated: Clone Azure SQL database in the same plan as a plan of the original database for export to be transactionally consistent.
  • Fixed: Removed network folder connections caching during test connection.

Released: Sep 21, 2020

12.4.8 での更新項目


  • Updated SMTP TLS and SSL settings.

Released: Sep 8, 2020

12.4.7 での更新項目


  • Fixed an issue with file system security when uploading to a folder destination.