SQL Doctor について


SQL Doctorは、SQL Serverのパフォーマンスを分析し、そのパフォーマンスを向上させるための推奨事項を提供するために、SQL ServerのMVPで承認、実績のある業界のベストプラクティスを活用しています。さらにSQL Doctorは、クエリ、サーバー構成、セキュリティ、データベース·オブジェクト、メモリ、Waitの統計、クエリプラン、およびこのようなSQL Serverのパフォーマンスの問題の最も一般的な分野を対象としています。SQLサーバーパフォーマンスのメンテナンスと改善を必要とする品質管理者、データベース管理者、アナリスト、開発者等にとって時間節約のための必須ツールです。

SQL Doctor provides performance tuning recommendations and health checks for SQL servers.

  • Dashboard exposes performance metrics in real-time
  • Quick Findings instantly locates SQL performance issues
  • Executable scripts are generated to optimize performance
  • Expert Recommendations offered to improve performance
  • Stored historyof analysis recommendations for trending

See detailed performance metrics
Analyzes the performance of SQL Server databases and provides tuning recommendations for resolving them in minutes as opposed to hours. SQL doctor targets some of the most common areas of SQL Server performance problems, such as queries, server configuration, security, database objects, memory, wait statistics, query plans, and much more.

Locate issues via Quick Findings
Instantly highlights where performance threatening issues are occurring. In addition, displays metrics in real-time for processes, network interface cards, processor, processor cache, memory, disk, and system information.

Provides executable scripts
Provides executable scripts of the recommendations that can be reviewed and implemented right away directly from the GUI. SQL doctor also generates “undo” scripts for quickly reversing any of the optimization scripts which have been previously implemented.

Access Expert Recommendations
Leverage proven industry best practices endorsed by SQL Server MVPs to analyze the performance of SQL Server. Get expert recommendations including index usage, query syntax enhancements and configuration changes which are ranked to get the highest performance improvement possible.

Historical Analysis
Store and easily retrieve historical data and recommendations for trending and comparison.

Environment Analysis

  • Discover Integrity Issues - Identifies SQL Server database integrity issues and highlights recovery methods which may leave the database in a potentially unrecoverable state.
  • Index Optimization - Diagnose indexes to determine possible performance optimizations.
  • Server Configuration - Examine Windows and SQL Server configuration settings.
  • Processor - Identify configuration settings that cause processor bottlenecks.
  • Security Settings - Uncover many of the most common holes in security settings.

Deeper Analysis

  • Wait Stats - Analyzes the most popular wait statistics which cause SQL server query delays (cxpacket, pageio­latch, async_network_io).
  • Blocking and Deadlocking - Determine which sessions are blocking or are involved in a deadlock.
  • Long Running Jobs - Identify jobs and transactions that may be running longer than usual.
  • Network - Diagnose issues with networking hardware or bandwidth.
  • Session Data - Easily view all sessions that are currently active with detailed performance metrics collected from Dynamic Management Views (DMV).

Problem Resolution

  • Query Plan Statistics - Displays statistical details about query plan and delivers recommendations for improving their performance.
  • SQL Query Tuning - Identify up to 40 of the most common query syntax inefficiencies then tune to improve efficiency.
  • Diagnose Queries - Evaluate the most troublesome queries and gain immediate suggestions to improve their performance.
  • Export Capabilities - Export performance recommendations for easy distribution.
  • Schedule Tune Ups - Schedule daily or weekly check-ups to keep your SQL Servers performing in top shape.