Syncfusion Essential BI Client について

Create OLAP reports and dashboards in a WYSIWYG manner.

Syncfusion Essential BI Client control is a ad-hoc analysis tool that can be easily bound to any OLAP database. End users have all the dimensions, measures and KPIs (key performance indicators) available at their disposal to perform ad-hoc analysis. Syncfusion Essential BI Client lets end users slice-and-dice data as they wish with slicers, filters, summaries, etc. You can also drag and drop measures and dimensions into horizontal or vertical axes that allow you to pivot data as desired. Syncfusion Essential BI Client also includes a Report Builder utility for developer analysis and report-schema creation.

Syncfusion Essential BI Client Data Sources
The BI Client can be used to analyze multidimensional data from SSAS databases or any XMLA provider.

Syncfusion Essential BI Client User Interaction
Users can easily drag and drop measures and dimensions into the axes areas, define filters on measures, choose a subset of the dimension values to view, define slicers, etc, all through intuitive drag and drop and tree like drill-down mechanism. The look and feel of the chart and the grid can also be customized using built-in property dialogs.

Syncfusion Essential BI Client Named Set Records
BI Client now supports binding OLAP data with named-set records predefined in a cube. A named set is a collection of tuples and members that can be defined and saved as a part of the cube definition. The named-set records reside inside the Sets folder, which is under a dimension element. These elements can be dragged to categories, series, or slicer axes of the Axes Element Builder

Syncfusion Essential BI Client Report as stream
The BI Client allows the user to save and load the report set as a stream.

Syncfusion Essential BI Client Visualization UI
Visualize the retrieved data set in either a BI Grid or a BI Chart both available with built-in drill-down capabilities. Charts are ideal for visualizing trends and the Grid is ideal for number crunching and KPI visualization.

Syncfusion Essential BI Client Filtering
OLAP Client for WPF allows the users to dynamically filter the members via Member Editor providing Excel like filter support. Member Editor is a popup window, which displays all the members for the selected dimension including its descendant members. In this version, the Member Editor acts like a dynamic filter. The user can include or exclude the specific members at run time as in Excel.

Syncfusion Essential BI Client Report Builder
The Report Builder is a utility application that can be used by developers to both analyze and also create report schema.