Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise(英語版)


Syncfusion 社の製品
2002 年より日本国内にてComponentSourceで販売中。

価格:¥ 405,800 (税抜)〜 バージョン: 2020 Volume 1 - Service Pack 1 新機能 更新日: May 13, 2020 レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00レビューの平均スコア: 5.00 (130)

Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise 2019 Volume 3

Released: Oct 3, 2019

2019 Volume 3 での更新項目


Xamarin Mobile

  • This release introduced the following new components:
    • Rich Text Editor
    • Avatar View
    • Shimmer
    • Effects View
  • Support for 11 controls in Xamarin.Forms WPF:
    • Scheduler
    • List View
    • Text Input Layout
    • Button
    • CheckBox
    • Radio Button
    • Switch
    • Border
    • Gradient View
    • Segmented Control
    • Chips
  • The Switch control moved from preview state to final state, with support added for:
    • Pan gestures
    • Ripple effects
    • Dark theme
  • In Image Editor, support was added to control hue, saturation, brightness, and the contrast of images.
  • In PDF Viewer, single-page-view support, along with support to open password-protected PDF documents has been added.


  • New Radial Gauge widget, with support for axis, pointers, ranges, annotations, and animation.
  • An additional seven chart types for the Charts widget:
    • Stacked chart
      • Stacked line
      • Stacked area
      • Stacked column
      • Stacked bar
    • Range-column chart
    • Pyramid chart
    • Funnel
  • New features supported by the Charts widget:
    • Logarithmic axis
    • Axis crossing
    • Plot band
    • Recursive plot band
    • Dynamic update animation

Essential JS 2 Web

  • A new Spreadsheet control with support for:
    • Data binding
    • Virtualization
    • Formulas
    • Number formatting
  • The File Manager was enhanced to support the Amazon S3 cloud storage service provider.
  • The Charts component has enhanced selection options, supporting lasso and multiple-region selection
  • You can fill PDF forms interactively with the PDF Viewer
  • You can paste content with images from MS Word and Outlook into the Rich Text Editor.
  • In Pivot Table, you can connect and visualize SSAS OLAP cube and its elements, like dimensions, hierarchies, measures, and named sets.
  • Tree Grid supports row drag and drop and freezing rows and columns.

PDF Library

  • As per PDF specification 2.0, Syncfusion PDF Library now supports digital signatures based on CAdES (CMS Advanced Electronics Signature).
  • Now, you can validate digital signatures in an existing PDF document.
  • Encrypt PDF documents with following options in the PDF Library:
    • Encrypt all contents in the PDF document.
    • Encrypt all document contents except metadata.
    • Encrypt only file attachments.
  • Support to find corrupted PDF documents.
  • In .NET Core, you can now:
    • Convert XPS to PDF.
    • Create a PDF table with DataTable (ADO.NET) for PdfGrid and PdfLightTable

Excel Library

  • Using Syncfusion Excel Library, you can now import data from nested collections to Microsoft Excel worksheets with the following layout options:
    • Default
    • Merge
    • Repeat
  • You can skip a property while importing data from a collection to Excel.
  • Excel Library allows you to export worksheet data to nested class objects.
  • You can convert Excel documents with missing fonts in the machine by substituting fonts as streams from an embedded resource.

Word Library

  • In Word Library, you can create and apply custom table styles in Microsoft Word documents (DOCX and WordML), and preserve them in DOCX-to-PDF, Word-to-image, and Word-to-HTML conversions.
  • You can rotate shapes, text boxes, images, and group shapes in Word documents and preserve them in DOCX-to-PDF and Word-to-image conversions.

WPF Desktop

  • New linear and circular progress bar controls to track the progress of a task.
  • New Image Editor control with the following functionalities:
    • Annotate with text
    • Annotate with image
    • Crop image
    • Rotate image
    • Flip image
    • Use built-in toolbar
  • The DataGrid control has a checkbox selector column to select multiple rows.
  • The Ribbon control is more responsive and has MDI and TDI support to merge and combine items in two different Ribbon controls.
  • PDF Viewer has sticky notes, along with support for the following shape annotations:
    • Arrow
    • Polygon
    • Polyline
  • The AutoComplete control adds support to highlight searched characters in the suggestion list, and support to control diacritic sensitivity and insensitivity when searching.
  • The performance of the ComboBox has been increased by approximately 20 times when opening and scrolling through items.
  • The Diagram control supports listing various printers installed to the machine.

WinForms Desktop

  • You can now configure images with different DPI to your application. This automatically upgrades and downgrades the images as needed when running on different machines with different DPI scaling.
  • The ComboBox adds token support, which provides a clear separation between items and also makes it easy to clear the selection of an item by clicking its close button.
  • Using the Spreadsheet control, you can now sort data in ascending order or descending order and automatically filter the specified data.