Syncfusion Report Platform(英語版)

Syncfusion Report Platform is built on the open Report Definition Language (RDL) specification used by products like Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. It includes an intuitive drag-and-drop-powered report designer application for visually composing reports, a web server application for sharing reports, and an SDK for embedding reports within your applications. Syncfusion Report Server can be deployed as an Azure App Service or Azure Virtual Machine.

Key Features

  • Business-user friendly - The drag-and-drop report designer application makes it possible for business users to compose and publish reports without any help from IT.
  • Rich selection of report items - All the common elements used in business reports (charts, gauges, tables, matrices, lists, indicators, and maps) are included.
  • HTML5-powered - Reports are rendered using HTML5, so the only requirement for end users to view reports is a modern browser.
  • Embed reports within your...


Syncfusion Report Platform Service Pack 1
Syncfusion Report Platform Service Pack 1
Syncfusion Report Platform
Syncfusion Report Platform
Syncfusion Report Platform v3.2.0.42
Syncfusion Report Platform v3.2.0.42
Syncfusion Report Platform 2019 Vol 1
Syncfusion Report Platform 2019 Vol 1
Syncfusion Report Platform 2018 Vol 2
Syncfusion Report Platform 2018 Vol 2
Report Platform is licensed on a per-server basis、 with no limits on the number of users。 An annual subscription payment is needed in order to use the platform。 Support and maintenance: The platform...


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Browser Compatibility
  • IE 9+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox 22+
  • Chrome 17+
  • Opera 12+
  • Safari 5+