TeeChart JS のリリース

Released: Apr 26, 2021

2021 での更新項目

2021 (v2.7)

Updated Apr 26, 2021


  • Added new Legend table demo.
  • Added support for ValuePercent format for Legend and Marks.
  • Added new OnBeforeDrawPoint callback.
  • Added new Numeric Gauge series.
  • Added new Realtime Marks property.

Released: Feb 16, 2018

2018. での更新項目


  • ActivityGauge improvements.
  • Added ToolTip findPoint - New property fixes tooltips to nearest points when moving.


  • Fixed - Uncaught RangeError when having many points in a series.
  • Fixed - Error when Annotations/Marks had items inside.
  • Fixed - "axis" animation failing to correctly modify right & top axes when using "both" axes.

Released: Jan 4, 2018

2018 での更新項目


  • Added new Activity Gauge Series Type.
  • Added 'continuous' property to permit (or not) value interpolation between points.

Released: Oct 19, 2017

2017. での更新項目


  • Axis labelling improvements for small value number ranges.
  • Default hover appearance changed.
  • Improvements to Tooltip feedback on movement.
  • Several improvements to the demos.


  • [B1919] Maximum right tooltip x position not correctly adjusted for offset. Fixed.
  • [B1925] UK not correctly included in map of europe. Fixed.

Released: Jul 12, 2017

2017 での更新項目


  • New touch events for zoom and scroll with tactile devices.
  • New touch-slide sensitivity for tee slider in tectile devices.
  • New touch sensitivity for Gauges.
  • Improvements to demos.
  • Improvements to axis labelling.


  • Fixed - Single value chart not correctly plotting axis.
  • Fixed - Incorrect margins when having two Bar series, one without values.

Released: May 4, 2015

2015 での更新項目


  • Modifications to teechart-3D.js unit, bringing it into line with latest version of WebGL.

Released: Jul 31, 2014

2014 (v1.7) での更新項目


  • New InvertedStairs property.
  • Pattern support added for Bar Series.
  • Significant space added between the groups of bars.
  • OnBeforeDraw Series event added to support custom output between Axes and Series.


  • Scrolled (divved or sectioned) chart canvas returns incorrect mouseover x,y. Fixed.
  • Hang when dragging a point that shares the YValue with another point. Fixed.
  • Marks insuffiently clipped for Bar Series. Fixed.
  • Would like Series Marks, extreme to Axis bounds to be moved wholly within Axis...

Released: Apr 28, 2014

2014 での更新項目


  • New inflateMargins property added for Pointer.


  • Using more than 1 Bar-Series in 3D-Charts (with three.js) the 1st series not displaying. Fixed.
  • International thousand/decimal setup breaks size calcs under some format conditions causing sporadic wider labels and incorrect sizing calcs. Fixed.
  • Adding a title to a vertical axis in a 3D chart crashes it. Now fixed.
  • Zero only value series causing Axes to inhibit width allowance for Axis Title. Fixed.
  • WebGL Chart drops first item from Legend...